Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 645

Accessing Fiend-Sealing Pagoda

Mu Yu and Qiao Xue watched the discussion between the two races at the boundary line from the rear. Lu Xiong represented the fiend race as he was still alive and the eldest on the island. Humanity’s four leaders obviously represented them.

“You said you would consider the proposition, so what decision have you come to?” inquired Lu Xiong, in a deep voice.

Gui Yuzi verbalised, “We agree. That being said, we need to redefine the number of people entering. We will send in thirteen people. You will only be permitted to seven in seven people.”

“Ridiculous. Your Ghost Gate group would likely harm us the moment we set foot inside, so Gui Yeming isn’t entering over my dead body.”

“We will decide who we send in at our discretion. If you have a problem with it, we can debate again after we’ve repossessed the pagoda’s area.”

“I agree with him. Gui Yeming should have his chance to enter revoked.” Helian Kong opined. He looked back at the human couple and added, “I must ensure Mu Yu’s safety.”

“Helian Kong, mind what you say and the occasion! We are representing humanity, so keep your personal issues out of it!” remonstrated Gui Yuzi.

“Oh, please, you’re telling me you’re not sending your juniors in for selfish reasons? How long would Mu Yu last if you sent a vengeful Gui Yeming in?”

“Fine, Gui Yeming won’t enter,” stated Gui Yuzi, forced to give in.

“In that case, we will turn over our territory in three days’ time,” notified Lu Xiong. “I hope you will keep your word.”

They hashed things out in their previous discussion already, which was why this discussion was comparatively brief. Since Ghost Gate’s group numbered thirteen people, yet Gui Yeming had his rights revoked, Qiao Xue could join the adventurers, benefiting herself and Mu Yu. Gui Yuzi didn’t have any issue with her joining, either.

Mu Yu pulled aside Helian Kong after they were dismissed to ask, “Do you know what Walk-in Heart Genesis is? Ghost Gate’s group wants to locate it in Fiend-Sealing Pagoda.”

“Walk-in Heat Genesis?! That’s their treasure capable of stealing souls and can be used for many purposes. I never heard about them losing it.”

“I also find it hard to believe they would lose something so important. Can you describe its appearance?”

“I’ve never seen it before. I never heard about them losing it in the war five thousand years ago. Even though Gui Yuzi may be at a respectful level in his cultivation, he wouldn’t ever have his hands on it. There’s no way it’s in the pagoda. What are they searching for in there? Are the two somehow connected?”

“What should I do after I enter? Also, you do know something about the pagoda, right?”

“There are ninety-nine floors, each flower throwing you into different scenery. I’m not privy of the details, but there are active formations in there. If you want to release Fiend King Yujiang, you must learn to control the pagoda via acquiring the pagoda spirit’s acknowledgement. Long-story short, find the pagoda spirit.”

“Would it be on the top floor?”

“I wouldn’t say so as it can freely travel between the floors. If you’re lucky, you might encounter it on the first floor. Otherwise, you’ll be on a tiring hunt.”

“Can I take your soul item with me to protect myself against Ghost Gate’s shady group?”

“By all means. I’ll give your lady a soul item, as well,” responded Helian Kong, with a wink.

“Thank you, Elder.”

“I don’t know much more for I’ve never been inside. Gui Yuzi went in once when he was still alive. How about I ask you for him?”

“I will pass. You will waste your breath and time just to hear him spout lies.”

“True that. Mu Yu, can you please remove the restriction so that we can move on?”

“You have my word.”

Once the two races agreed to shift the boundary line, the boundary line shifted itself to permit both races access to the pagoda on the third night. The fiends, understandably, recorded the area of their territory prior to the shift so that humans wouldn’t cheat them of land afterwards.

Long Xingyun, Long Yeli, E Wenmao, Lu Xiong, the two dragon carps and dragon tortoise entered the pagoda as the fiend race’s representatives.

Wow, this pagoda is all fancy and spacious compared to Desert Eagle Fiend King’s Brilliance Pagoda, Mu Yu thought.

“Remember: do not stick your nose in anything. Just let things unfold from the sidelines. Only help out if it’s absolutely necessary,” Gui Yuzi reminded Gui Ximing, stopping upon noticing Mu Yu eavesdropping.

Why the heck does he want Gui Ximing sitting back? Mu Yu pondered, more flummoxed by the moment.

“Go to Fiend-Sealing Pagoda together,” instructed Helian Kong.

Mu Yu and Gui Ximing stepped up to the vermillion door with golden inlaid spots. The two took out the respective items they obtained from Fiend King Yujiang’s palace, with World Manifestation Nebula being the vortex turning into a beam of light to merge into the cave on World Manifestation Reincarnation’s cave. The merged item planted itself into the doors. The resulting flit of light indicated the doors were unlocked, opening the path to a white of world.

Mu Yu was hoping to keep the seal, so he was frustrated. Meanwhile, Gui Ximing waltzed into the pagoda indifferently. Everyone else entered together, fearful of being separated in the unknown.

Mu Yu suddenly shuddered as formation lines flitted past. The white mist vanished, and he was standing atop a mountain before he knew it. Either he had been separated from everyone else or everyone was separated from each other because he didn’t see anybody around.

“Man, I can’t defuse this formation because of the domain.”

“If each floor is an illusion formation, that means there are ninety-nine illusion formations. Directions, anyone?” asked Xiaoshuai.

“I can still fly, so let’s descend.”

At the foot of the mountain were a ravaged landscape, fiend, cultivator and elemental demon corpses still spilling their blood onto red leaves.

“Is this supposed to be some sort of warning?” Mu Yu sniffed the air. “This smell is… corpse water? Wait, Chi Yue was also in this battle?”


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