Almighty – Ch. 712

Enemies Meet

Yang Tian followed the path guided and mumbled, “Is it my brother?”

Everyone, Yang Ba and his friends included, part of Eastern Alliance’s upper echelon was granted one of the tokens.

Yang Tian picked up on the combat zone after travelling dozens of kilometres. He hurried over using Unfettered Steps at maximum output.

Chubby and Xiaoji were bloodied. The ecology around them was strewn. Chubby smiled upon hearing Xiaobai apparently sensed Yang Tian. “It has to be him. Run.”

The three were in no state to defend themselves. They survived solely thanks to their sturdy bodies. Yi Xing continued to press the pursuit from the sky, severing mountains and trees with the red beam from his third eye. He closed in on them at full speed and punched a hole in Xiaobai’s arm.

Xiaobai hissed out of pain and juddered. All of his wounds were brand new. Yi Xing unleashed a rain of red beams on the trio. Chubby had his Yin Yang Divine Talisman create an energy barrier consisting of Yin and Yang Qi. Yi Xing laughed as he mocked their futile struggle. He summoned more and more Crimson Demon Eyes to launch blasts at their defence.

Besides Yi Xing, Divinity Sect was also after the trio. Things did not bode well. As Chubby began to second guess their chances of survival, Xiaobai shook his head. “Don’t worry. Yang Tian is coming.”

Yi Ying: “Hmph, you expect a trash bag to save you? Ignorant fools.”

Damaging his eye twice, almost tricking him into marching to his own death, failing to climb Fortune Celestial Staircase because of himself and being close to Yuan Xia was unforgivable. Yi Xing was determined to kill Yang Tian. He snickered.

Yang Tian’s colourful flames manifested up above. The flames were closing in on Yi Xing quickly by the time he realised. Yi Xing discharged crimson runes from his body to form a shield. Yang Tian snorted in the distance and raised the temperature of his flames. In less than three seconds, the flames blew up the shield!

Yang Tian fired more divine fire at the same velocity. Chubby and Xiaoji wondered if Yang Tian was behind the attack.

Yi Xing vibrated his green sword and slashed energy at Triad Divine Fire. The colourful flames discharged divine bolts of energy. Yi Xing suddenly found he was unable to command his sword as he prepared to attack.

“Haha, collect…” Yang Tian started a colourful vortex inside Heaven Restoration Divine Cauldron to suck Yi Xing’s green sword into the cauldron!

Yi Xing sprayed a mouthful of blood as his sword was destroyed since he offered his life force to it.

“What the hell was that?!” exclaimed Chubby.

“I don’t know,” replied Xiaoji, stroking his chin.

“Crimson Devil Eye, control the great void!” Yi Xing managed to pin down Triad Divine Fire using a beam!

Yang Tian: “Not bad. The eye lives up to its reputation.”

Yi Xing: “Who are you?  Show yourself!”

Xiaobai: “Hehe, Yang Tian has arrived…”

A cold breeze blew by.

Chubby exclaimed, “Why is it so cold…?” before retreating.

Stomp! Gales parted clouds. Stomp! Yi Xing’s heart felt as if it was pounded. Stomp! The cold winds made Yi Xing shiver and his mind hurt. Stomp! The lethal gale’s whistles turned lethal. Stomp! A devil from hell cried out and tore through the enclosure, critically wounding Yi Xing mentally and physically.

That was only five steps. The lethal steps were the sixth step onwards.

“Pfft!” Yi Xing coughed blood after ten seconds. His vital essence levels dipped.

“Still not dead? Yi Xing’s mental tenacity is quite impressive, huh?” Yang Tian touched his nose. Seeing Yi Xing begin the recovery process, Yang Tian brayed, “The world can do without you.”


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