Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 476

Two Invisible Individuals

“Don’t, Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo!” Mu Yu shouted, vaulting and extending a formation underfoot to the three locked in battle and then shrinking into a single line.

“What are you doing here, Feng Mu? Get away from here!” Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo scolded.

“Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo, please help me protect this formation.”

Mu Yu clamped down on his jaw and tensed his muscles as it was difficult to restrain three Spirit Severing Realm Greater Heaven Stage casters. The time limit was based on how long he could last against them on his own. Therefore, he required Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo’s assistance to even up the odds. Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo and his two opponents were going to cast a formation but were stunned to discover that he couldn’t.

“Hurry, Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo!”

Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo snapped out of it and boosted Mu Yu’s straight lines with his spiritual energy, solidifying the lines. Once done, he ran along the line to Mu Yu and inquired, “Feng Mu, what’s this formation?”

“The name is Gentle Wind One Line to Heaven, a formation that will hamper our ability to execute our techniques. Accordingly, we can only defeat them using formation techniques that attack in a straight line.”

Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo still had questions. Nonetheless, their two opponents had drawn talismans to summon spears and fired down the line. As weapons produced from talismans, they were markedly tougher than Ji Kaiming’s arrows.

As the formation core and the point of origin of the two lines, Mu Yu could teleport along the two lines at will thanks to Heavenly Star Formation in order to adjust the point of intersection. Taking advantage of that, he held his breath and lined up the two lines so that everyone would move along a single line. Next, he let his two opponents charge him and teleported away at the last moment. One of the talisman master’s spear was lined up with his allies back. Unable to brake in time, he speared through his ally’s back, detonating the talisman used to enhance the spear to blow up his ally.

Despite the spear already running through one individual, the spear carried along toward Mu Yu. Hence, Mu Yu teleported behind Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo and requested, “Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo, please help me shield the attack!”

Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo immediately read Mu Yu’s mind and smashed out a sharp red spike to repel the attack.


“You’re the one who killed your companion, so don’t blame me,” Mu Yu interjected, teleporting behind the talisman master to catch him in a pincer attack.

Out came Shadow Splitter Sword again, rendering Mu Yu’s opponent addled.

“You think your sword qi is enough to kill me?”

The Spirit Several Realm Fifth Layer talisman master generated a vortex with a talisman, absorbing Mu Yu’s sword qi, thereby taking Mu Yu’s bait. Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo, from behind, produced sparks of lightning and fired it along the ground, catching the focused talisman caster off guard from behind.

With the death of the talisman master and the removal of Mu Yu’s formation line, Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo heaved a big breath. “Hahaha, nice going.”

Mu Yu smiled and cast his gaze above Formation Palace.

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s sword qi, I knew you were here!”

Mu Yu couldn’t find it in him to smile when Bai Jie was standing there and exuding his confidence as though he already had his victory in the bag.

“I will catch you.”

“I will kill you.”

“What was that, Feng Mu?” Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo questioned.

“No, nothing. Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo, we need to retreat to Formation Palace. We cannot outmuscle them here.”

Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo nodded and hurried to Zhuge Xiaosheng’s side with Mu Yu. Zhuge Xiaosheng was breathing hard and struggling to hang on. Chang Tiancheng suddenly showed his Formation and Talisman Stone again.

“Don’t try to fight! Formation and Talisman Stone will nullify all of our formations! To Formation Palace!” Mu Yu shouted.

“To Formation Palace!” Zhuge Xiaosheng repeated in his booming voice.

Zhuge Xiaosheng cast a formation underfoot to launch himself backward. Whilst travelling backwards, he activated formation walls to hinder the enemy pursuit. It was a waste of energy as Chang Tiancheng erased them without breaking a sweat, but it was a way of ensuring Zhuge Xiaosheng’s injured allies had enough time to pull out.

The formation casters brought up the rear, buying time for Mu Yu, Cheng Zhuo and their two incapacitated members to get away.

Celestial Staircase’s confusing version had been activated.

“I’ll lead you up the stairs the fastest route,” Mu Yu notified.

Mu Yu opted for the quickest route as opposed to the least jumps required, taking them thirty jumps to enter Formation Palace.

Talisman Sect’s Greater Heaven talisman masters memorised the steps Mu Yu and company took since they weren’t too far behind. Their attempt to climb up in the same fashion, nevertheless, didn’t go as well for the second step changed the moment they climbed the first step.

Chang Tiancheng’s Formation and Talisman Stone couldn’t manipulate Celestial Staircase as Formation Sect was already cognisant of.

“It is all right, Patriarch. I took over Lu Deyi during our scuffle. They still think Situ Yangtian is with us. Lu Deyi is at my beck and call now,” assured Zhou Jinglin, grinning confidently.

Formation Sect’s group didn’t notice the indolent look in Lu Deyi’s eyes since his head was down.


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