Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 477

Eight Trigrams Formation

Though Formation Palace’s interior appeared empty, there were actually eight stories, each protected with a different dimensional formation that could be considered fortresses for disciples to take refuge in. The reason Talisman Sect waited to control a Greater Heaven formation caster was because the formations couldn’t be dismantled form the exterior.

Everyone taking shelter was taking refuge on the eighth storey, the highest storey. There were only the nineteen Greater Heaven formation casters and Mu Yu in sight.

“We need to wake Mu Chenghong, or we can’t activate Formation Palace, which will trap us in here forever,” Zhuge Xiaosheng informed in a low voice.

Zhuge Xiaosheng held back the red talisman lines on Mu Chenghong’s chest using his white formation. Howbeit, it was only a matter of time before the red lines overrode the white lines and took his life.

“We do not need his help. Let us activate it now,” Mu Yu suggested.

“Without twenty Greater Heaven formation casters supporting you, the pressure will crush you in an instant with your current cultivation,” disputed Zhuge Xiaosheng. “Additionally, owing to us having suffered wounds of varying degrees, it will be exponentially more challenging to maintain the formation.”

“We can only wager our lives on this. Although I know I will have to bear with exponential pressure with Mu Chenghong out of the picture; however, it is worth a try. I believe I can tolerate it.”

“And if you can’t?”

“Do we have an alternative plan? Chang Tiancheng is not so stupid that he cannot figure out how to climb Celestial Staircase even if his deduction skills are inferior to mine. It is a question of ‘when’.”

“It doesn’t matter even if he does ascend the stairs for Formation Palace will not allow Formation and Talisman Stone to enter with him.”

“You should be aware that he has someone helping him in the background, Patriarch.”

Zhuge Xiaosheng was convinced Chang Tiancheng had a helper behind the scenes due to the inexplicable power Chang Tiancheng exhibited out of nowhere during their scrap.

Mu Yu couldn’t put names to the faces of the majority of people around. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter in their current dire straits.

“I saw Celestial Star Sect’s Elder Tian Haihua, a Body Synthesis Realm cultivator, meaning Celestial Star Sect’s forces have also invaded,” Situ Yangtian notified.

Mu Yu stood up and stole a gander Situ Yangtian’s way, noticing the bloody wound on the latter’s chest and hectic flow of qi. Mu Yu furtively activated a formation in his eyes and said, “If both factions assault Formation Palace, we will be hapless.”

Zhuge Xiaosheng inadvertently glanced at Situ Yangtian and replied, “Let us give it a try then. Promise me you’ll stop if you can’t tolerate it. I want you to survive through this even if it means all of us have to go down for you are our sect’s hope. If it comes down to it, we will cut open a path for you to escape.”

“I give you my word, Patriarch.”

The group silently made their way to the centre of Formation Palace. Zhuge Xiaosheng cast a formation to summon a levitating yin yang eight trigrams formation to the centre. Quaint energy oozed out from the formation as the palace vibrated.

“Chi Huo, you take the south. Xia, you take northwest. Situ Yangtian, you take east….”

The positions designated weren’t individual specific. As long as they could handle the pressure, that was all that mattered. Having said that, Zhuge Xiaosheng cast Divine Soul Formation in two specific spots for their two spies. As a result, Situ Yangtian was the only one to react addled. Zhuge Xiaosheng also specifically assigned Lu Deyi closest to Mu Yu in case Situ Yangtian tried to assassinate Mu Yu.

Mu Yu took to the centre and declared, “Let us commence.”

Following Chen Tiandao’s instructions, Mu Yu sent a formation into the yin and yang sides of the symbol. The two halves started to rotate faster and faster, transferring energy from over to Mu Yu.

“Reinforce!” Zhuge Xiaosheng instructed.

The other formation casters cast their own formations to draw some of the formation’s energy to them.


“Patriarch, when are we climbing up? Shall I order Lu Deyi to kill Feng Mu now?” Zhou Jinglin asked.

“Relax. Lu Deyi might not be able to pull it off with the others present. There’s no need to rush now that they’ve holed up in Formation Palace. Our target isn’t Feng Mu but Formation Palace,” Chang Tiancheng responded. “Lu Deyi told us that only Feng Mu knows how to activate and control Formation Palace, so let us go with the current. Have Lu Deyi kill him after he activates it. Then, we can attack Formation Palace. I will then take over Formation Palace using Formation and Talisman Stone and rule over formation casters and talisman masters!”

Sure, they could’ve asked Celestial Star Sect to help them break through to Formation palace and figure out how to operate it on their own afterwards. Why go through that trouble when they could let Feng Mu activate it for them, though?

Chang Tiancheng was already telling himself, I can control Formation Palace once I enter the Eight Trigrams Formation with Formation and Talisman Stone. As the new patriarch of Formation and Talisman Sect, no formation or talisman skills will be able to hold a candle to me. Celestial Star Sect, you will also bend the knee to me! Else, I will use Formation Palace in addition to Formation and Talisman Stone to cancel your levitating formation and drop your Seven Divine Peaks, along with all of you, to its demise!

Bai Jie didn’t directly support Chang Tiancheng. Instead, he went through Celestial Star Sect. The most Bai Jie could assist Chang Tiancheng was providing him with a taste of soul energy.

Chang Tiancheng relied on Formation and Talisman Stone more than he should have as he only had enough spiritual energy to use it a few times even as a Body Synthesis Realm cultivator. If he had Formation Palace, too, however, he could’ve invaded any sect he wanted whenever he fancied.

“Feng Mu, I shall show benevolence, and let Lu Deyi send you on your way.” Chang Tiancheng placed the flashing-red Formation and Talisman Stone into a void.


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