Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 475

Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian (Part 2)

“Learning you perfected Divine Soul Formation certainly came as a surprise.”

“Why do you want to control cultivators using Divine Soul Formation? Do you lack confidence in your leadership?”

“I’ll save you the explanation. I only caught a glimpse of the formation. I know you’re not going to want to take it with you to the grave. I’m willing to bet anything you’ve imparted it to someone. Let’s see… It wouldn’t be Zhuge Xiaosheng. It wouldn’t be Mu Chenghong. It must be your genius disciple, Feng Mu. Or, should I say, Mu Yu?”

“You won’t find him.”

“Hahaha, I don’t have to personally attend to everything in the world of cultivation. Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian might hide him from me but not others. Someone will find him for me, and I’ll pry Divine Soul Formation out of him.”

“I’m pleased to see you in your current state.”

Bai Jie created ripples in the atmosphere, enhancing the white glow until he teleported away.

Bai Jie couldn’t kill Chen Tiandao as long as Fingertip Flowing Water Formation was active. Even if he could, he didn’t need to as somebody could do the dirty work for him.

Mu Yu waited for a while to ensure Bai Jie was gone and then inquired, “What is ‘Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian’?”

“You don’t know?”

Mu Yu shook his head.

“I thought you did. I saw Ku Mu’s life flowing inside your body as formation lines the moment I met you. Formations are a huge topic. For instance, my Fingertip Flowing Water Formation is something completely different to what you’re used to seeing. Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian uses Eternally Youthful Ku Mu’s life as its formation foundation, meaning it drains his life force. I suppose that goes to show how important you are to him.”

“I do not know when…” – Mu Yu’s voice turned raspy, bitter that he still had to rely on Ku Mu to protect him even after the latter lost his cultivation – “he cast it on me…”

“You must’ve been on the brink of death once, correct? ‘Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian’ is an exchange of life – for simplicity’s sake. Eternally Youthful Ku Mu exchanged his life for yours. He was bound to pass on within three months after casting it even if he wasn’t executed,” Chen Tiandao solemnly elucidated.

Mu Yu racked his brains for said experience until Xiaoshuai elaborated, “Mu Yu, Ku Mu forbade me from mentioning it, but he cast it when dark herb’s death qi was supposed to have taken your life. I saw his remaining lifespan at the time. He saved you using Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian, helping you subdue the death qi.”

Mu Yu trembled, realising, Now I know why he wanted to rush back to Pill Cauldron Sect as soon as he came to. He lost an entire month’s time just waiting for me to come to! God damn it!

“To summarise, the formation will prevent certain people from harming you. I believe he installed Bai Jie’s qi so that Bai Jie wouldn’t be able to see or sense you. I, as a matter of fact, speculate nobody possessing soul energy from Third Heaven Palace can help you.”

Now that I think about it, the executioner passed through me when I attempted to shield Dad. That piece of dung wasn’t being merciful; Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian just happened to protect me! Mu Yu cursed in his mind, discovering that Ku Mu was still protecting him even after death.

“What is Bai Jie’s next move?”

“He’s not going to involve himself in the fight between our sects as he doesn’t want people thinking that Third HeavenPalace is playing favourites. To maintain their fair and upright reputation, he can only snoop around. If you can control Formation Palace, he can’t harm Formation Sect.”

“Understood,” responded Mu Yu, rationalising, If soul energy can’t harm me, I have a chance of beating Chang Tiancheng.

As Mu Yu disappeared into the distance, Chen Tiandao cast his gaze on the falling leaves and shut his eyes. Wearing a peaceful smile, he mumbled, “Water will eventually stop flowing…”

The undulating air gradually slowed down until it stopped altogether.


Bai Jie returned to his spectator seat above Formation Palace. Mu Yu was cognisant that Bai Jie was waiting for him to make a move so that Bai Jie could find him.

Dad, wait for me, pledged Mu Yu, clasping his Greater Heaven Stage disciple jade piece that Chen Tiandao migrated Divine Soul Formation into.

Mu Yu already knew how to sustain Divine Soul Formation. Still, he was dead set on reviving Ku Mu.

Formation Sect’s Greater Heaven casters were worn out and on their back foot. Greater Heaven Caster Chi Huo already had a bone-deep wound on his back, yet he dauntlessly roared, “I’ll take you two down with me!”


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