Almighty – Ch. 650

Arrival at Central State

Bai Ningxiu trained her gaze on the door. She didn’t know where to start. If the youth was the one who helped them back there and didn’t want to reveal himself, he was lacking in desires and old. In the end, she gently knocked and eagerly waited.

On the other side of the door, Yang Tian pinched his eyebrows together since nobody usually visited besides Gao Da. He detected it was Bai Ningxiu. He looked back to Gao Da, questioning if she found out it was him. He fired off a golden lightning bolt into the void, thereby creating a rift. He flicked his sleeve, moving Gao Da inside before shutting the rift. He sighed, and then glanced back to the door. Calmly, he said, “Come in.”

Bai Ningxiu was glad to hear the invite. She was more convinced than ever that Yang Tian was the one who helped them. She gently pushed the door open and entered. She didn’t think Yang Tian was so young. Since she didn’t see his real appearance when he was covered in wounds before, she assumed he was an elder. She felt she had seen him somewhere before. Despite Yang Tian’s fame on Eastern Continent, few had seen had seen him in person, and he didn’t know many people from Central State. He felt uncomfortable with her intently scanning him. He didn’t think he’d seen her before.

Bai Ningxiu courteously asked, “Sir, have we met before? I feel I have seen you somewhere before.”

Yang Tian didn’t know how to respond to her addressing him as “Sir.” He waved and said, “I am no ‘Sir,’ Miss. I am merely an ordinary man.”

Bai Ningxiu showed her sly side. She clenched her hand and quietly said, “You need not hide it, Sir. I am grateful for your assistance.”

Yang Tian shook his head. “No, no, you really have the wrong person, Miss Bai.”

Bai Ningxiu looked pitiful. “You were able to recover from such grievous wounds. Why must you lie to me, Sir?”

Yang Tian touched his nose and smiled. “That’s because your elixir was effective. I should be the one thanking you. You do have the wrong person.”

Bai Ningxiu curled her lips and griped, “How would I not know what the effects of an elixir I concocted are? You must be making fun of me.”

The cat caught Yang Tian’s tongue.

“I greatly admire your ability to easily hide someone in a void.” Bai Ningxiu showed her ace, glancing over to where Gao Da hid. She smiled slyly. “I come from a clan of alchemists, so our clan’s Divine Souls have always had superior sensing abilities. That is how I noticed him.”

That was the first time Yang Tian heard that.

Bai Xiuning smiled. “May I ask if you are an alchemist, Sir?”

Yang Tian shrugged. “So what if I am? So what if I’m not?”

Bai Xiuning smiled gladly. “Did you take part in an alchemy convention?”

Yang Tian nodded for feigning would be too obvious, not to mention the fact that she helped him.

“Have you heard of soul accumulation pools?” Bai Ningxiu then changed the topic.

Yang Tian cordially nodded. “I have. They’re very rare.”

Yang Tian was interested because Bai Clan probably had one. He chuckled to himself. What a sagacious girl who was also somewhat pure. If he told anyone else about the pools, Bai Clan would be in trouble.

Bai Ningxiu smiled. “Would you like to cultivate in one? Our clan has one.”

It could be helpful to Yang Tian’s Divine Soul cultivation. He pursed his lips into a smile. “I’m interested. What do you need me to do?”

“Simple. You look younger than thirty. If you help our clan win a competition, I shall fulfil the promise.”

Yang Tian touched his head after finally drawing her true desires out. “Let’s hear the details.”

Bai Clan and Wu Clan were the biggest clans in Big Spirit City. They fought every second year to determine how to divide the city between them for profit. Bai Clan had lost a lot of profit. Wu Clan was even overtaking their clan. Bai Ningxiu wanted Yang Tian to fight on their elder’s behalf.

Yang Tian smiled. “I can help you; however, you need to let me cultivate there first. Can you call the shots?”

“What if you run off after cultivating?” Bai Xiuning was too astute.

Bai Xiuning poked her tongue. “Hihi, I was joking… I need to ask our clan elders. You should be able to convince them with your skill.”

Yang Tian shook his head. “We’ll see. Don’t be too hopeful and cry when I lose.”

“I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before, but I can’t remember now. By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is Meng Tian.”

“Meng Tian… That’s an ordinary name…”

Yang Tian rolled his eyes, feeling upset. It was just a name…

“I’ll call you Brother Meng Tian. Just call me Ningxiu. What do you think? Hehe.”

“Up to you.”

Bai Ningxiu smiled. “I’ll leave you to your business, then, Brother Meng Tian.”

Yang Tian smiled. “What an interesting girl.”

Yang Tian was troubled for the next few days that flew by. Bai Ningxiu knew Gao Da was ascending – amazing.

Bai Ningxiu never stopped talking. She was so astute she could tell how Yang Tian felt.

Yang Tian saw the continent two days later. After going through so much, Yang Tian finally arrived at Central State!


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