Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 353


The sky seemed to turn darker and descend further.

“Elder, are you sure you wish to fight me?”

Ku Mu had a rank six pill named “transformation” in his hand. The pill that Mu Yu extorted from Elder Leng would’ve taken an ordinary human all the way to Body Severing Realm in a flash if they consumed it. Having said that, the effect didn’t last even fifteen minutes and would’ve left the consumer without any cultivation for the successive seven days. Like Death by Injury, it was a rank seven pill, the difference being the former was a fatal product despite the bigger boost. Mu Yu originally wanted to trade transformation for something else. Ku Mu, nevertheless, chose to keep it, citing he had a better usage for it in mind.

Ku Mu supplied an eight trigrams formation he unleashed from his body with his gem. He imbued the formation with inscriptions to form a small formation. He sent transformation pill to the centre, then slit his fingertip and flicked a drop of blood into the pill. The formation spawned a vortex that reduced the pill to power, drawing out the pure energy to deliver to Ku Mu’s chest, elevating his power to that of a Body Severing Realm Ninth Layer cultivator!

“Impressive formation. Formation Sect’s primordial formation casters would be envious to see you combine pills with formations. You do not mean to tell me you intend to challenge me as Body Severing Realm cultivator, though, do you?”

“You talk too much.”

Ku Mu subscribed to the notion that how much one said in battle was positively correlated to how fast they died – the more said, the faster they died. Yapping whilst fighting irritated Ku Mu.

Ku Mu judged it to be impossible to escape as a Golden Core Realm cultivator. If he couldn’t escape and didn’t want to die, he had to kill his pursuer. Moreover, killing someone after Mu Yu would save the latter a headache. Ku Mu extended a finger summoning five powerful beams as powerful as Spirit Severing Realm attacks from into the ether, with Tia Budai at the centre.

“I suppose you purposely lured me here. I must commend the speed at which you work. If I am not mistaken, you had them set up in the small window it took me to get here.”

Tian Budai flew out from the five beams, only for them to come to life as if they were tentacles and smacked him back inside. He spawned a spear and deflected the attacks.

“Celestial Star Sect scoundrel.”

Ku Mu recognised Celestial Star Sect’s prized spear that Tian Yun previously wielded against Mu Yu. Ku Mu knew the accompanying shield was on Tian Budai if he had the spear.

“I am honoured you recognise me. Do you think there is still a need to fight?”

The five pillars of light transformed into fists and hammered down!

“Elder, what do you think the chances are you can break through my Celestial Star Shield with your formations? As a formation caster, how much longer do you think you will last?” questioned Tian Budai, confident Ku Mu would gas within a few exchanges.

Ku Mu hurled five rank seven explosion pills. Five formations contained the pills prior to dispersing them, generating five vortexes inside the five pillars of light. With Ku Mu’s savvy and expertise with formations, he was able to implode the five pills at Body Synthesis Realm level instead of only Body Severing Realm level.

Tian Budai’s smile disappeared. His shield could protect him from grave injuries. Alas, the shockwave would blow his shield to smithereens. Five explosions, consequently, would send him to the other side. Tian Budai was cornered and helpless.

A man sporting a black mantle emerged from the shadows. The only visible feature within the mantle was his holy white glow. “Hmph, imperious idiot, I knew you would run into trouble. Who underestimates Eternally Youthful Ku Mu? His formation mastery rivals His Eminence’s. Nobody, even His Eminence, wanted to pick a fight with Eternally Youthful Ku Mu in his heydays. I wouldn’t be aiding you if you weren’t useful, you imbecile!”

The greatest formation casters at Third Continent were Sword Shadow Dust Gale, Evil Shadow, Illusionary Clear Rain, Third Heaven Palace’s formation Guardian, Formation Sect’s Chen Tiandao and Eternally Youthful Ku Mu – Eternally Youthful Ku Mu being in last place in terms of proficiency due to him being the youngest.

Tian Budai wasn’t the first to underestimate Eternally Youthful Ku Mu’s skill with formations and he wouldn’t be the last. Ku Mu was never part of the conversation when people discussed formations, unlike Sword Shadow Dust Gale, Xie Bulao and so forth.

Ku Mu’s formation was a clever combination that didn’t require too much of his spiritual energy. He leveraged the formation to work his pills and used them to overcome the flaws of pills. There was nobody else remotely able enough to apply pills to the extent he could. The norm was to consume pills, yet he also utilised them in a variety of other ways.

Ku Mu’s control over his formations wobbled. A sneak attack hit the spot below his feet, breaking the formations. The sudden and improper formation cancellation inflicted damage to him, forcing blood up his throat and out of his mouth.

“I knew it was Third Heaven Palace!” Eternally Youthful Ku Mu scowled.

With his spiritual energy drained from him and the formations abruptly dismantled, Ku Mu folded onto the ground. He didn’t expect Third Heaven Palace to sabotage his plan. He saw Tian Budai break out of the formation and make his way over through under his heavy eyelids. He did his best to put away his gem. The last thought on his mind was Mu Yu’s safety. How he wished he could help Mu Yu eliminate a threat…


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