Almighty – Ch. 642

Eastern Emperor Bell!

The golden and purple bell clanged, scaring those around off. Fengzi declared, “Not too shabby. It’s mine now!”


The bell glowed and grew taller. The adepts powering it hurled it at Fengzi.

“Hahaha,” laughed Fengzi, walking straight into the bell!

The kui dragon snickered. “Too arrogant and ignorant to know what you’ve got yourself into!”

The bell rained energy and Chaos Light down, trapping Fengzi within and trying to reduce him to blood.

The bell was an imitation of a divine item; it was almost a divine item. It was superior to World Scroll. The bell was essentially Eastern Sea Divine Mountain’s clan guardian passed down from the primordial era. The authentic version was treated as a mythical item.

The creatures thought they had him. Right when they lowered their guard, the flying bell rumbled. The creatures quickly joined forces and offered up every ounce of energy they had. The rumbling only intensified. Fengzi rocked it using a divine skill. “Haha, I might be a tad scared of the real deal but an imitation? Get lost!”

Fengzi’s energy release generated a tornado and blinding-field of lights. He palmed the bell with a golden palm, generating loud clangs. Fiend Emperor Realm adepts were blown away, literally, from atop the divine mountain, groaning as they flew. The impact and volume of his blows wounded the elders of the divine mountain. Left with no other option, the kui dragon scowled and commanded, “Return!”

Seeing the bell ring as it prepared to fly back to the mountain, Fengzi shouted as he launched a palm. “Hahaha, who let you take what I want?!”

Fengzi caught the bell with his golden hand. Startled, the kui dragon called, “Elders, assist me!”

Reinforcements were delivered in the form of divine lights enveloping the bell. The formations around the mountain woke. Lightning domains spawned to attack Fengzi. Fengzi took the lightning without any qualms and laughed. That was only the beginning, nonetheless. Golden wisps of Celestial Flames appeared in the void, evaporating the water and splitting mountains.

Fengzi fearlessly exclaimed, “What can you do about me?!”

The lightning didn’t leave a mark on Fengzi, and the Celestial Flames couldn’t burn a hair. He laughed hysterically as he grabbed the bell. “Come here. Don’t waste Eastern Emperor Bell. You fools don’t even know how to use it.”

Gentle ripples suddenly disturbed a calm void. Yang Xiao noticed the disturbance despite how minute it was. He suspected someone else was playing oriole the same way they did.

“Hahaha, you ignorant fiends. Let me show you how to use Eastern Emperor Bell!” Fengzi walked straight out of the attack zone and took to the sky.

How insulting for a race elder to be called an ignorant fiend. How could the kui dragon not be livid?

Fengzi threw the bell up to the divine mountain and expanded it to over one and a half kilometres. He formed a vortex underneath it.  Yang Xiao, therefore, grabbed Yang Tian and fled out from the rear.

Fengzi: “Absorb!”

Chaos Light rained down. The vortex ushered everything toward it. The divine mountain shook. The creatures nearby were sucked in. There went half of the kui dragon race. Yang Tian barely escaped the same fate thanks to Yang Xiao’s perceptive self and quick reaction. Yang Xiao smiled. “The divine mountain’s formations are going to break down. We can take advantage of the moment to sneak in.”

Yang Tian: “Mm, it is worth the risk for Dao Sect’s great divine skill!”


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