Almighty – Ch. 643

Kui Dragon’s Ancestor!

At the centre of vast Eastern Sea was a huge vortex shrouding the sky with Chaos Light spreading destruction. The three creatures shot the kui dragon a look of contempt since a human toyed with them using their own guardian artefact. The kui dragon almost passed out upon sensing the gazes on it. It never knew the mysterious artefact stored so much power.

“Hahaha, you stupid? I’ll show you how to use the bell!” Fengzi was on cloud nine. His control astonished World.

Fengzi turned up the vortex’s intensity. The Chaos Light disintegrated the divine mountain’s formations. Chasms began to spread as if the island was sinking. The tornado picked up its pace and destroyed all in its path. How insulting to have one’s clan grounds destroyed!

Boom! The divine mountain’s divine light exploded. The mountain shook. The bell could almost sucked it in. Yang Tian used the fight as a cover. He cautiously avoided the tornadoes and sneaked over to where Dao Scripture guided him.

The kui dragon thundered to two neighbouring creatures, “Call our ancestor!”

“Right away!”

The two creatures rushed to the peak of the mountain.

The battle didn’t affect the glowing peak. Yang Tian peered up the same peak. “Is Dao Scripture telling me it is there?”

Yang Xiao looked up. “I would think that’s where the kui dragon has the tightest defences set up. It won’t be easy to get in.”

Yang Tian: “Are the two creatures going to enter?”

Yang Xiao: “I would surmise so. They have no choice at this point.”

Yang Xiao instantly jumped into a rift when he saw it.

A beam of Chaos Light enveloped the entire mountain. The mountain had presumably been refined into an artefact that could fight back.

Fengzi soared through the sky, eager to take the artefact.

Nobody would’ve imagined Yang Tian sneaked in. He wasn’t detected as the four creatures were occupied. He wouldn’t have taken the risk if it wasn’t for Dao Sect’s great divine technique. He was almost at the peak. He arrived at a harmonious palace. An adept seemed to reside there. The two kui dragons were incredibly courteous; they bowed as they went to the palace when they had a powerful foe running circles around them outside. Yang Tian couldn’t resist an eye roll.

The two creatures carefully pushed the door open so as to not disturb the creature inside. Boom! Lights burst from inside and shook the entire mountain. After getting over his startled reaction, Yang Tian peered inside to see a stone statue of a kui dragon. Said statue was the race’s ancestor a Fiend Deity! There was little remaining energy; however, it was enough to slaughter threats to their race. They had only ever used the statue a handful of times ever since its existence and that was strictly when they were faced with a crisis that threatened to wipe them out. Anyhow, there wasn’t much energy left. For Yang Tian, it meant it would be hard to get inside to take the scripture.

Yang Xiao pursed his lips. “Stay calm. Fengzi is a mysterious one. Let’s wait and see if he can create an opportunity.”

The two kui dragons prostrated themselves on the ground and exchanged eye contact. Together, they voiced, “Welcome, Ancestor. Please protect our race!”

The two kui dragons spat their blood onto the statue, awakening their ancestor’s power after the statue absorbed the blood. It shook. Its energy burst. The three other creatures turned around in amazement. The two kui dragons kept repeating the summoning phrase, “Welcome, Ancestor. Please protect our race,” and offering their blood, consequently aging. They spat over a dozen mouthfuls of blood. The statue’s eyes lit up red. Yang Tian identified the red energy to be Wrath of Heaven energy!

The man in white was inconceivably strong. He reached the peak of cultivation. Everybody bowed their heads to him. He was far more overpowering compared to the kui dragon statue.

In its stern voice, the statue asked, “Who… woke me from my slumber…?”

The entire kui dragon race knelt down and responded in unison, “Please slay our enemy!”

After a long silence, the kui dragon ancestor replied, “Who dares attack my descendants?!”

The colour of the sky changed. That was the power to be the rule. That was power that controlled heaven and earth. Just raging changed the colour of the landscape!


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