Almighty – Ch. 641

A Battle to be Remembered!

Yang Tian hid up and watched the battle from a distance.

Fengzi was at a level he could challenge the heaven’s laws, control Sources and destroy countless things. Yang Xiao wouldn’t have been Fengzi’s match at his peak. Fengzi laughed hysterically. His discharged energy was overwhelming. He effortlessly blasted the four creatures he referred to as insects. Each spear swing was loud. He subdued the celestial peng. His techniques were akin to lightning bolts zipping through the air. The celestial peng was ashamed and enraged. He impaled the celestial peng’s claws and sliced off a mountain-worth of flesh.

Fengzi even ate the celestial peng’s falling flesh and drank its blood. They enhanced his vital essence. He grew stronger. His belly burnt hotter. He glowed. Yang Xiao surmised he wanted to eat Divine Beasts to recover his lost energy from back then.

Though Yang Tian even speculated Fengzi could destroy Eastern Sea, Yang Xiao shook his head and denied the possibility, for divine mountains possessed intellect, knowledge and secrets that prevented them from being destroyed so easily.

The fight intensified. The sun and moon dimmed. Stars exploded. Fengzi eventually amputated one of the three-legged crow’s legs and ate it after piercing stars! The fight raged on for two entire days. Naturally, the four creatures gradually weakened. So what if they were Omnipotent Realm adepts? They didn’t have enough flesh to feed Fengzi’s appetite. Fengzi, to the contrary, fired up more and more as he fought them.

If Yang Tian could have a piece of any of the beasts’ flesh to simmer with precious herbs, he’d reach Almighty Realm Peak thanks to their qi and blood.

The weakened celestial peng frigidly said, “Brother Kui Dragon, this fellow is a weirdo. He grows stronger by the minute.”

White tiger king: “If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say he’s trying to eat our flesh to recover his energy. I can’t imagine what realm he is at his peak.”

The four creatures were worn out.

Fengzi sliced off a part of the white tiger king’s flesh and ate it raw. He and his spear grew stronger. They fought until daylight. Fengzi used a supreme punching style in the end. He bombarded the four with so many punches he almost put a hole in the green sea. He created a bottomless pit, though. The kui dragon almost snapped in two.

Laughing hysterically and spouting garble, Fengzi stomped the Trapping Dragon Killing Formation off him, generating shockwaves. The four creatures instantly retreated out of his range in case he ate them whole.

Seeing Fengzi run off to Eastern Sea Divine Mountain, Yang Xiao rubbed his hands together, praying Fengzi could break in.

Yang Xiao warned, “Careful. I’ll take over your body now.”

Yang Tian nodded. “All right.”

Stealing a treasure with the four creatures around was a dangerous mission.

Yang Xiao enveloped Yang Tian in misty energy. They passed through the void slowly. Fengzi raced to the chaotic mountain. A creature with crescent-moon eyes jumped out of nowhere and shouted to the other creatures, “Activate the mountain protection divine formation!”

Fengzi: “To hell with your mountain protection divine formation…”

Fengzi raced up to the creature and impaled it through the skull with a finger. He then entered the mountain. All the creatures backed off despite disliking him. They followed the four supreme creatures fleeing onto the mountain. Fengzi began to swing his spear as if he lost his mind, firing divine light at the mountain. “Haha, come out!”


A bright light shone up to the sky. The divine mountain seemingly came to life. Chaos Light spread over the entire mountain. A large gold and purple bell descended. A gentle clang rattled stars in the outside domain. It could shake the heavens.


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