Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 336

Fulfilment Hall

Xiang Nan soon returned to his usual self. They all hid what happened from those who didn’t join them and refrained from discussing the events as a means of refraining from digging into Xiang Nan’s wounds. Qiao Xue stayed to join the other four in the planned infiltration mission, though her main reason for agreeing was Mu Yu.

The next issue to tackle was separating the death qi and life qi from dark herb for Feng Haochen. Xie Bulao enthusiastically and proactively offered to help Feng Haochen recover his cultivation. That being said, he needed time to recover after the big job. As such, he spent the last few days on recovering.

An uninvited guest arrived at Twenty-Five Kilometres South Garden, ending the short respite. Tian Budai strolled along Nineteen Kilometre Street. In response to Xiaohong’s teasing, he gave her a friendly smile, yet she was so frightened that she frantically ran back into her store. Tian Budai paid her no heed and continued on to Fulfilment Hall.

Fulfilment Hall was built in the unorthodox factions’ turf, but it was actually under Shadow Syndicate’s jurisdiction, the recon and assassination group that accepted every job from everyone across the lands. The assembly point was named Fulfilment Hall as their slogan was, “We will resolve any of your problems as long as you can pay.” They even offered to assassinate the patriarchs of the eight great sects! Nobody could prove they could pull it off since the assassin would need to have the might of Xie Bulao or the ten fiend kings, nevertheless.

Tian Budai entered the dark hall, adding a dark touch to his face. There were nine entrances, each covered behind torn black curtains. Peering through the tiny holes in the curtains wouldn’t reveal anything.

Each curtain was numbered from one to nine. A wooden sign was hung at each entrance, indicating which path led to which department, namely: treasure hunt, personnel search, fiend hunting, conflict, mercenaries, intelligence, identity, assassination and clan extermination. “Treasure hunting”, “personnel search” and “assassination” were the busiest departments. “Conflict” referred to mediating where there were conflicts for whatever reason. “Identity” was forging a new identity for anyone who desired a new identity to start anew.

In the assassination department, it was stipulated that contractors weren’t allowed to accept jobs from the target. That prevented people hiring another contractor to protect themselves, resulting in two contractors from the same syndicate killing each other. To that end, all operations were thoroughly examined beforehand.

There were four shady cultivators quietly consulting a middle-aged man, while the latter fervently explained which service would best suit their needs.

Tian Budai headed through the “intelligence” section to a dark room. The seated individual with his face concealed underneath a hood asked, “What sort of intelligence are you seeking, sects, ultimate immortals or business?”

“I’m looking for someone.”

“Then, go to the second entrance.”

“I’m after detailed information on two people. I presume they can’t help me.” Xie Budai maintained an affable smile.


“Ku Mu and Mu Yu.”

“The initial price or them is five million spirit stones. If you want detailed information, it’ll be ten million.”


“That’s the price per person,” stressed the individual.

“Not an issue.”


Mu Yu and Ku mu were on their way to return Purple Glow Ultimate Jade when Wanwan soon made her appearance and enacted her usual strategy.

“Wanwan, where do you get your determination from? Also, do you wait at the door for Gramps all day?” Mu Yu questioned.

“None of my targets have ever escaped before. I like manly men like Poison King the most.” Wanwan tried to loop her arm around Ku Mu’s, but he shook it off.

“You can work your mouth, but don’t touch him.”

“Relax, Mu Yu, I was just touching him.”

Mu Yu’s fingers bent just hearing Wanwan’s voice. “When will you quit? Gramps is too pure for you.”

“I like pure men. I like it even more if he’s pure toward me.”

“I highly doubt you have any chance. Gramps is dense, you know?”

Ku Mu told Mu Yu to shut it with a glare and entered Qing Yu Medical Clinic.

The couple was treating a cultivator suffering from an azure spirit snake bite. Ku Mu and Mu Yu left them to their job and headed straight into the backyard. Ku Mu set the formation alone as part of his promise to refrain from teaching Mu Yu about formations.

Once Ku Mu was done, he instructed, “Let’s leave via the back door. I don’t want to deal with her again.”

Mu Yu stretched his arms overhead and followed along. As soon as he opened the door, he exclaimed, “How did you know we were leaving via the back door?”

“I keep telling you Uncle and I have interlinked hearts. I know wherever he goes.”

Ku Mu power walked off before Wanwan could cling to him. Staying behind, Mu Yu inquired, “You going to escort us back?”

“I’ll go wherever Uncle goes. I like going on strolls with him.”

Wanwan ended up following behind the duo. After walking for a while, she suddenly looked behind her. Several cultivators in a lane slowed down their pace. Mu Yu followed her line of sight and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I have a feeling that someone is tailing Uncle.”

“You sure?”

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter. Nobody will be able to steal him for as long as I’m around. Uncle, wait up! Wait!”

Mu Yu started deliberating how to get rid of those on their tail. He didn’t see the people Wanwan mentioned. He trusted her because he didn’t see any reason for her to lie. Furthermore, she proved time and time again that she was good at tracking them.

Ku Mu and Mu Yu crossed an alley to make their way to Three Kilometre Street.

Sitting at a tea stall on Four Kilometres Street, Tian Budai sipped some tea and uttered to himself, “The unorthodox faction’s Wanwan lives up to the hype, detecting me from a street away. Regardless, I’ve found you two. Fulfilment Hall is more reliable than Million Company.”

Tian Budai left the stall.


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