Almighty – Ch. 640

Meeting Fengzi Again!

Dismembered limbs were visible on the water surface. The water was died red with blood.

The jade carriage stopped. Yang Tian appeared in the sky. He was stunned. The noise sounded akin to beasts roaring. He saw a sky-shrouding celestial peng divine island. Its finger was the size of a mountain. The atmosphere was oppressive. It rattled stars with its roar. It was strong. It had golden wings. It dove down and splattered mountains.

A sky-shrouding hand descended onto the golden wings. Boom! Lights blew up islands. The hand defeated the golden wing! Blood rained! Golden blood rained! A thirty-three-kilometre long kui dragon emerged from the ground. It resembled a lightning god. It shone. It parted the sea with one leg. A phantasmal sun and moon levitated. The firmament cracked.

Boom! A three-legged crow emerged. Nine suns circled around it! Amazing power!

A white tiger king roared. It took four Divine Beasts to stop an adept. Amazing!

The celestial peng was the strongest among the three.

“Uncle Xiao, what is going on?”

“He’s a human adept, yet Dao Deity Mountain released him.”

“Say what?!” Upon closer inspection, Yang Tian exclaimed, “He’s Fengzi. He’s taking on four Divine Beasts!”

Fengzi still looked the same as when he was at the divine temple. He had tough golden chains around him as if something wrapped them around him. He crushed them with his bare hands, but more chains restrained him, preventing him from getting away.

Yang Xiao widened his eyes. “Trapping Dragon Killing Formation! No wonder why they were able to restrain someone so strong!”

Yang Tian: “Will he be able to escape?”

Besides the white tiger race, the other three races made an enemy out of Yang Tian. As a fellow human, he didn’t want Fengzi to go down fighting them. Yang Xiao shook his head and, in a confident voice, answered, “They can’t stop him. His physical might is immeasurable. The divine temple couldn’t destroy him. They’re dreaming.”

The battle was worthy of going down in history.

The celestial peng flapped its golden wings, gusting up winds. Fengzi thrust his spear at a wing, piercing it and leaving it bloody. The enraged celestial peng circulated vital essence to rapidly heal its wound.

Yang Tian’s astonished look earned Yang Xiao’s chuckle. “It’s an Omnipotent Realm adept. You only need a drop of blood to revive.”

The nine suns enhanced their light, creating a net of light below. Fengzi shouted as he flicked his spear. He fired a blast, dismantling the light net. He then destroyed a sun. The four beasts started to feel fear seize them. Fengzi grew stronger with every battle. His prowess knew no bounds.

Yang Tian shifted his gaze off the fight to a huge island. There were lights in the sky above, generated from a divine rainbow. In the centre was a divine mountain spitting energy, making it seem active. That was where Dao Scripture pointed him to. He clenched his fists and grumbled, “I think that’s Eastern Sea Divine Mountain. I can’t make it there!”

Yang Tian could see over a dozen Fiend Emperor Realm creatures there among the countless creatures. There were dozens he couldn’t see the power level of. He was amazed.

Yang Xiao pursed his lips into a smile. “Hmm, just because we can’t get there, doesn’t mean Fengzi can’t. Let’s sit back and let him work for us!”


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