Almighty – Ch. 639

Dao Scripture’s Reaction!

Waves occasionally rose. Yang Tian intimidated all creatures with his roar. He zipped through the sky as a golden light beam. Worry and admiration flitted across the woman’s face. What a legend. How epic. What an amazing young man. Could he be the Yang Tian of legends? He even started to feel Omnidirectional Steps couldn’t meet his needs!

Yang Tian gradually calmed down. It was annoying to travel in the sky for so long. He kept using Five Billion Kilometre Great Technique.

Night fell. It rained. It was windy. It was dark. Thunder clapped. Lightning flashed. It was more intense than outside. Gales blew. A back wind blew. The sea roiled. A majestic jade carriage soared. Yang Tian emerged. The winds were scary. The tornado hit him. Thanks to Star Scroll’s profoundness, he avoided injury. He hid back in the carriage to hide from the gales because blood sat above spots the gale blew. The void splits had yet to be repaired.

When Yang Tian stopped on an island to recover his vital essence, he was amazed to find the thousands of miles of connected islands was actually a dragon turtle’s back! Had Yang Xiao not realised it in time, Yang Tian would’ve been murdered. Based on its size alone, it must’ve cultivated for a long time. It could very well be a strong cultivator.

Yang Tian: “What an amazing turtle…”

“Turtle…? It’s an ultra-rare dragon turtle. It’s a unique type. It could rival deities in the primordial era!”

Yang Tian scratched his head. “Dragon turtle? I have never heard of it.”

Yang Xiao shrugged. “It went extinct during the ancient era. I never expected to see one now. Its Bloodline is very rare.”

Yang Xiao didn’t know much about it in the end. Its time was a mythical era! They slew deities. They were strong.

Yang Tian picked up a lot of knowledge on his journey. Eastern Sea was home to many unique types. Who would’ve expected to see a dragon turtle there?

Five days went by. Yang Tian saw many human ships transporting cultivation materials. Eastern Sea’s cultivation resources were superior to the Continent’s. They also had lots of ancient cultivator’s caves and dao venues. There was nothing left of value, unfortunately.  Yang Tian searched the continent for treasures when he was a kid, but they were all gone.

Yang Xiao: “Eastern Sea is massive. You’ve barely scratched the surface. You just aren’t lucky.”

Yang Tian scratched his head again and smiled. “If only Xiaobai was here.”

Another day went by. Vital essence grew more and more potent. Vitality was more energetic. Yang Tian could sense he might’ve arrived at the centre. “Cultivators could cultivate multiple folds faster here.”

Dao Scripture in Yang Tian’s sea of consciousness suddenly rumbled. He froze. His eyes bulged. What intense shaking. It intensified dozens of times faster than when he found Dao Divine Swordplay Classic. It had to be a dao divine skill in the vicinity.

Yang Xiao emerged with a jolly look.

Yang Tian gulped. “Could this be one of the nine great divine skills?!”

“We’ll find out once you head over.” Yang Xiao smiled. “It shouldn’t be too far from here based on the reaction.”

Yang Tian nodded. The jade carriage crossed through the sky to his destination. Dao Scripture shook faster and faster. The dao sound grew louder and louder. An hour later, he heard a boom in the distance. It was bright as a sun. It wasn’t peaceful. It seemed as if cultivators were fighting. The island shook.


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