Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 332

Last One

“Eternally Youthful Ku Mu, are you sure we should continue waiting? I told Feng Haochen the formation wouldn’t work out as easily as he imagined. They can’t suppress the five loudmouths if they don’t have the mental fortitude. I was against him sending them into the reincarnation scale. Does he still not understand humans after living for so long?” lamented Xie Bulao.

“Mu Yu is different to the others. Feng Haochen never fights battles without preparation. He’ll have a backup plan even if the main plan falls through,” contended Ku Mu.

“Why do you believe Mu Yu is any different?” Xuan Ming laughed as she headed over to Mu Yu. He has more emotions than any of the others. He won’t last much longer.”

“Mu Yu, don’t let your mind wander, you hear?!” yelled Ku Mu.

“He’s not letting his mind wander. He just craves parental love. Tsk, tsk, your mother abandoned you when you were two, you poor thing.” Xuan Ming ran her fingers along Mu Yu’s cheeks. “How laughable. Why are you waiting for parents who don’t want you? Your mother won’t come back. Enjoy your life as an orphan and wallow in your woes forever…”

Mu Yu stared into the distance from the fence of his straw house at Waterstream Village and spaced out. He saw a chubby Dazhuang with blue eyes gradually receding. The kid mocked, “Nobody likes you. Nobody. Nobody wants you, either.”

“Village Chief Bu wants me.”

“No, he only took you in out of pity. You think he’d like someone whose parents didn’t even want?”

Mu Yu lowered his head in defeat. Dazhuang rode the wave of momentum and laughed. “You like Lan Ling’er, but she doesn’t like you. You like Tian Ran, but you’re too weak to protect her. Qiao Xue likes you, yet you rejected her. You useless coward, your existence is a sin.”

“B-but shifu wants me…”

“No, he wants the spirit lord inside of you. He wouldn’t have chosen you, otherwise. Ku Mu is just using you. He’s after Miao Yuyan, not you, hahaha.”

Mu Yu began to shake. Ju Mang revealed his misty green eyes and added, “He’s right. Nobody wants you.”

Mu Yu had no retort. He was convinced Dazhuang was right.

“The last one can’t manage, either? Fine, I’ll take matters into my own hand.” Xie Bulao touched his Sixth Sin.

“Everyone has something they wish to protect. Mu Yu won’t lose,” Ku Mu asserted, fists white.

“I don’t care who has what on their mind. If he’s taken over, I’m going to personally end all five of them. Nobody here can stop me!” emphasised Xie Bulao, angering Ku Mu.

Feng Haochen kept watch over Xie Bulao, but it wasn’t as if Xie Bulao would just obey.

“Hargh!” Mu Yu suddenly howled, body glowing green. The green mist in Mu Yu’s eyes disappeared, revealing a white left eye and black right eye.

Xuan Ming: “You sure took your time, Ju Mang, hehe.”

“Lucky I’m not late.” Ju Mang smiled subtly. He crawled to his feet and berated, “Xie Bulao, you were waiting for me, weren’t you? You ready to kill the five?”

Xie Bulao powered up and checked on his two allies one last time. He raised his powered-up right hand and declared, “They’re conscious has been overwhelmed, and the formation is almost over. Once it’s complete, the five will never return. Are you going to stop me again?”

Ku Mu stood in Xie Bulao’s way. “They can still be awoken. If you want to kill them, wait for the formation to complete!”

“Mu Yu is already done for. What are you still clinging to?” Xie Bulao shoved Ku <u aside and blasted evil qi at the five.

Ku Mu dove toward the formation, determined to protect Mu Yu. Xie Bulao quickly tried to drag Ku Mu back with a length of evil qi. Ku Mu conjured formation patterns in his hands and forced his Purple Glow Ultimate Jade to block Xie Bulao’s blast.

“Have you lost your mind? Why are you fighting back with a formation?! Purple Glow Ultimate Jade may be incredible, but let’s see you stop me a second time!”

Xie Bulao blasted again. Ku Mu entered the formation and palmed the patterns on the ground, generating a splurge of spiritual qi that reduced the evil qi to nothing.

“How are you controlling the formation when Sword Shadow Dust Gale is the formation core?” Xie Bulao checked and confirmed Feng Haochen didn’t intervene.

“I was the one who drew up the formation. I put in a security measure as I knew you were a loose one. The formation foundation is Vacant Spirit Grounds. You think you can overwhelm its power?”

“Eternally Youthful Ku Mu, I don’t mind collecting a sixth life.”


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