Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 15 Ch. 49

After Many Twists and Turns, Orange Prince’s Next Big Move

Every day, Long Zaitian would wake up early, train, and guard the gate, all whilst keeping watch over his “mission’s target”. As long as he was still breathing, he could go to sleep peacefully, and it was a good day.

There was no chance a Prince would show up in a military camp willy-nilly. Even if he was a stripped Prince, you couldn’t see him just because you wanted to. The camp was also huge; there were plenty of small squads. Coincidentally, Long Zaitian was assigned to the camp, coincidentally assigned captain of the team, and Li Chengzhi was coincidentally at the same camp and coincidentally assigned to the same squad. If it was possible for all of it to be coincidences, Long Zaitian was willing to eat all the boots in the camp.

Long Zaitian placed his limited focus on the task of searching for His Majesty’s “informants”, believing that Li Chengzhi couldn’t possibly have just been left to his own devices without anyone on surveillance to report back. That was why he spent every day searching for someone who might’ve had a small notebook for notes or anyone acting suspicious. He scanned everyone he came across from head to toe, went through their belongings late at night, and even stirred swills three times to see if any of His Majesty’s informants were hiding within. He didn’t find an informant, but he made a name for himself in the camp. The fact that he reported in on his first day shirtless made him even more memorable. Alas, nothing changed. Besides being cursed at and called a sicko daily, everything appeared peaceful.

Long Zaitian was in good spirits. Notwithstanding nobody approaching him, he had confidence and joy. He firmly believed that, one day, His Majesty would reveal his hidden masterplan to him. He genuinely believed he was kicked out and asked to start from scratch; he genuinely believed he was the chosen one. He was the only man capable enough to protect a Prince. He could already see himself being awarded and rewarded at the front of the shiny golden throne. He could hear himself being declared a loyal and dependable talent of the country. He would then humbly and passionately tell His Majesty, “It is your subject’s honour to serve you!”

After a month passed, Long Zaitian started to feel suffocated as nothing had happened. Hence, he planned to return to their squad’s tent to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Li Chengzhi after lunch today. He planned to limit interactions with his client. Of course, part of the reason was because Li Chengzhi avoided him after hearing the rumours about him around the cap. However, Long Zaitian avoided even crossing Li Chengzhi’s path during work. It had been almost an entire month since they had interacted besides Long Zaitian’s one-sided surveillance from afar.

Their tent was no longer as messy and stinky as it once was. It was now neat, organised, and had a refreshing fragrance you wouldn’t expect to smell at any army barrack. Long Zaitian almost didn’t recognise it. There was only a single bed, a short table, and more rows of neatly arranged books that you’d expect to see in a military commander’s room. To add to his confusion, there was someone who was meant to be on patrol reading at the table.

“… Your Highness?”

Identifying Long Zaitian by his voice, Li Chengzhi turned away without sparing a glance and continued reading.

Only after inquiring with others did Long Zaitian that Li Chengzhi had grown fed up with soldier life three days ago. Li Chengzhi somehow managed to tame his eight colleagues into obeying him to the point that they moved out, leaving just one bed. He even managed to somehow obtain a desk, stool, and military books from a Commandment. The fragrance came from the fragrance pouches by the bed and on the desk. At bedtime, the other eight would go to their night posts and take turns sleeping. When it came to reporting to their superior, they were training their bodies and spirits; it had nothing to do with li Chengzhi. Due to their squad’s good performance and Long Zaitian’s lousy reputation, their superior was more than happy to minimise interactions with them, so he let them off the hook. Meanwhile, Li Chengzhi spent all day reading military books in his tent and arranging formations. Although it was unclear what soldiers he was arranging or what formations he was arranging, he resembled a military commander far more than the new general placed in charge of the barracks.

Long Zaitian fell onto his bottom and cursed reflexively. Despite being stripped of his Prince status, despite having no resources in reach, and despite nobody recognising him as a Prince, it was unbelievable for him to still be able to command people. Long Zaitian couldn’t fathom what Li Chengzhi could’ve done to achieve that.

Li Chengzhi chuckled to himself as he stared into space.

“Why are you laughing, Your Highness?” Long Zaitian asked with his hands in salute.

“What can be achieved if one I’m aggrieved here all day? I laughed because I’ve come up with a good plan. Why aren’t you laughing? Aren’t you happy I’m happy?”

Long Zaitian was overjoyed. Up until now, he only knew Li Chengzhi as an unreasonable, failure of a son who was an incompetent insurgent. He never knew Li Chengzhi could manifest aspirations after his long fall from grace.

His Majesty must’ve sent me here for this!

Long Zaitian laughed alongside Li Chengzhi. Howbeit, the positive vibes didn’t last for long for the reason that a ruckus outside caught Long Zaitian’s attention. It was clear to the ears that there was violence taking in the barracks. Since Li Chengzhi was in the tent, Long Zaitian didn’t dare to leave the Prince unattended.

“What’s causing all the commotion?” It didn’t take long for Long Zaitian to answer his own question based on what he heard.

A number of soldiers in the barracks had initiated a revolt.

A riot in an army barrack? A riot in a newly established army barrack?

Long Zaitian looked to Li Chengzhi, who was smiling.

What… the hell happened?


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