Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 331

Elemental Demon Spirit Lords

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale, Xie Bulao, long-time no see.” Qiao Xue rose to her feet.

Xie Bulao and Ku Mu did not expect Qiao Xue to lose control.

“It’s been over a hundred years, hasn’t it? I hear Third Heaven Palace covets Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s immortal body. You humans don’t even trust each other?” Xiang Nan asked, revealing his yellow-glowing eyes.

Qiao Xue’s emotions rubbed off on Xiang Nan!

“It’s unfortunate that Sword Shadow Dust Gale is always wary of me and has cut off his connection to the five. My ability doesn’t work on him. Otherwise, I might be able to get into his mind,” Xuan Ming bemoaned, peering in Feng Haochen’s direction.

“Xuan Mu, Hou Tu, you two seem raring to die.” Xie Bulao amplified the evil qi discharged from Sixth Sin.

The five spirit lords had names: Wood God Ju Mang, Fire God Zhu Rong, Earth God Hou Tu, Metal God Ru Shou and Water God Xuan Ming. Besides those as well-informed as Feng Haochen, nobody else knew their names.

Xuan Ming tugged up their corner of her lips despite the hostility and power Xie Bulao flaunted.

Eloquently, Xuan Ming asked, “Why are you bothering with empty threats when we are immortal? Qiao Xue and Xiang Nan aren’t invincible, having said that. Worse comes to worse, we’ll just enter another reincarnation cycle. Without the old Sword Shadow Dust Gale, I doubt you could throw us into humanity’s reincarnation cycle.”

“Xie Bulao, Feng Haochen told us to not let them goad us,” Ku Mu stressed.

The formation wasn’t complete, and Feng Haochen was still maintaining its operation, so they had to have faith in the five inside. All hope wasn’t lost yet. If Xie Bulao did attack them, he’d end the formation and inflict irreversible damage on the others.

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale thought it out well, admittedly. Thanks to him, we have to cower in filthy human bodies. I’m sick to the stomach.” Hou Tu walked over and rested an arm on Lie Shang’s shoulder. “Zhu Rong, wake up already.”

Lie Shang’s face was beet red. Even so, he still fought back against Zhu Rong.

“I must acknowledge Sword Shadow Dust Gale taught his disciples well. Had he taught Qiao Xue, as well, we wouldn’t have had a chance to emerge,” remarked Hou Tu.

“So what if you’re able to emerge. You can’t escape this place, can you?” scoffed Xie Bulao.

Xuan Ming stretched out his back. He surveyed the others then gazed up at Feng Haochen. “Humanity is blessed to have Sword Shadow Dust Gale. Unfortunately for you, there are always short-sighted humans, and now they want to steal his immortal body through any unscrupulous means. Humanity has betrayed Sword Shadow Dust Gale. Xie Bulao, how about you join us? We could overthrow Third Heaven Palace with a snap of our fingers.”

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale and I will exterminate Third Heaven Palace with time. I’ll admit forgetting you could use emotions to influence others was an oversight on my part.”

Xuan Ming’s best skill wasn’t water control but the ability to amplify one’s emotions. Hence, she was called an emotional woman. She could vividly sense everyone’s sorrow and joy. She could usher forth emotions and memories hidden in the deepest depths if she so desired. The ability was called Death by Emotions. Once a human’s emotions were magnified, it would eventually attack them mentally until they broke down.

“Your smile suggests you believe they can resist my Death by Emotions, correct?” Xuan Ming caressed Cheng Yan’s face, inducing pain as she probed into his emotions. “My favourite hobby is drawing out people’s memories. Cheng Yan likes a girl called Qing Mei. He heartlessly called it quits to protect his shifu. How strong, holding onto all those emotions without showing it. I love painful memories.”

“Ru Shou hates romance more than anything, no? Why’d Ru Shou choose a romantic kid?” Hou Tu scanned Cheng Yan and asked.

“Sword Shadow Dust Gale is our prince of romance. How is it surprising that his disciple inherited his skills?” Xie Bulao shot Feng Haochen an angry glare.

Xuan Ming ambled over to Mu Yu and giggled melodically. “As for Mu Yu, he thoughtlessly teased Qiao Xue and stole her heart without realising it. He’s practically a block of wood.”

“Are you two going to get back inside yet?” Xie Bulao brayed.

Xuan Ming stretched out. “Xie Bulao, kill this girl, and send me back into the reincarnation cycle, and then I’ll migrate to a water demon’s body so that we can fight in the future. That saves the hassle, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t you worry. I won’t retaliate if you kill me this time, hahaha.” Hou Tu then furrowed his eyebrows. “The runt in my body is fighting back. Silence! Just stay there and sulk over your mother’s death.”

Nine Heavens Demon Sealing Formation was gradually entering the quintet’s bodies. They only needed to hang in there for a short while longer. It was a waiting game. The more they could seal the better. If any escaped, they’d just have to cross the bridge when they came to it.

Lie Shang went up in flames. His hair turned bright red. A flame flickered in his left eye. His proud and indifferent gaze remained in his right eye. Zhu Rong, having taken over half of Lie Shang’s body, snapped, “This cur refused to let me out.”

“You shouldn’t have come out.” Lie Shang continued trying to wrestle back control.

Xuan Ming strolled over to Lie Shang with a smile. “Brother Zhu Rong, need a hand?”

Xuan Ming conjured blue lights, smothered them over the right side of Lie Shang’s body and took over. Noticing the guilt coming from Lie Shang, Zhu Rong, in a raspy voice, verbalised, “I hate the taste of guilt. He’s getting on my nerves.”

Nobody knew what Lie Shang went through after arriving at Third Continent and allying with Million Company.

“I don’t like this text,” stated Ru Shou, staring at the golden text on his arms.

The spirit lords couldn’t use all of their power at Vacant Spirit Grounds even if they had it. They were stalling for time. If they still occupied the fives’ bodies once the formation was complete, the formation was useless.

Hou Tu circled around Mu Yu. “This is odd. What’s Ju Mang up to? He woke up more often than I did, so he should’ve recovered before I did.”

Every awakening restored some of the spirit lords’ powers to them. All the times Mu Yu lost control restored more power to Ju Mang than others.

“Don’t worry. He’ll wake up,” Xuan Ming asserted, trying to rile up Ku Mu and Xie Bulao.

“Don’t let him get to you! Wait a little longer! Feng Haochen is still working!” shouted Ku Mu.

Xuan Ming returned to Cheng Yan and sent blue energy into his body. Cheng Yan grimaced and opened his eyes. Cheng Yan’s eyes were as cold as metal and void of human emotion.

“That makes four.”


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