Almighty – Ch. 543

Close to Manifesting a Chaos Body!

Yang Tian used Star Overlord Body to refine his vital points’ cultivation method and combine Dao Scripture’s absorbed Chaos Qi to refine Chaos Dao Statue. His goal was to refine his own body into Chaos Body. Put differently, he wanted a divine body. Nobody knew the secret, besides a longer lifespan and more strength, of Chaos Body. The Source contained a passed down skill. He only had an empty shell according to the cultivation method he deduced.  He needed a high-ranking artefact to renew his body to survive.

If Yang Tian’s attempt to refine a shell failed, he would need to manifest his divine statue all over again. He, however, considered the statue a mere bit of material that wouldn’t amount to anything.

As time went by, corpses accumulated and the number of creatures gathered at the rift only increased to steal Xiaobai’s Mystic Yellow Pagoda if not to try and enter. Yang Tian’s allies had to consume a drop of divine water to replenish her energy expenditure.

Yang Tian sat inside his sea of conscious and transformed. His attempt to refine a Chaos Body soon became the centre of attention.

A creature sprang an attack at World Scroll. Chubby reinforced the formation, and the trio retreated. Yin Yang Disc appeared. Yin Yang energy captured everyone present. A divine talisman levitated at the centre. The energy shattered the chest of one creature, almost killing it.

Yi Xing: “Yang Tian is inside!”

Dan Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up. She said to Dan Gu next to her: “It’s Handsome Brother. Let’s help him.”

Dan Gu smiled: “Let’s watch and see.”

Everyone jumped at the name of the great Yang Tian. Yi Shan confirmed, “You’re right. He has a divine item protecting his Divine Soul!”

One-legged dragon: “Serious?”

Y Shan: “I swear on my cultivation!”

The corner of Yi Xing’s mouth turned up slightly: “Why don’t we form an alliance to capture Yang Tian. There’s the dao comprehension flower and his divine items.”

Yuan Xia: “Mu, go and capture the bastards!”

Mu: “Sister Yuan…”

Yuan Xia showed no hesitation to kill in her tone.

Mu immediately summoned a silver staff. He split the ground with a stomp and leapt forward. He swung at Yi Xing’s head. Yi Xing detected the attack from behind. Thus, he turned to defend, but the impact sent him back dozens of steps. He exclaimed, “Xuanyuan Mu!”

Xuanyuan Clan was also known as Li Clan, with the “Li” for the character “power,” as their clansmen possessed absurd physical might. Supposedly, their clan’s inception started with the ancient star providing life.

Yi Shan noticed Xuanyuan Mu’s weapon. “Proud Dragon Rod!”

It went without saying Xuanyuan Mu was there on Yuan Xia’s orders. Xuanyuan Mu charged toward the Yi brothers. Neither of them could use their best skills. Neither of them found it fun to have a single person push them around.

The one-legged dragon mounted an attack with three others.


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