Almighty – Ch. 542

Grasping Dao

Yang Tian’s glow brightened and dialled up the volume of his booms’ more and more. He was shrouded in the mist of his own world.

Chubby’s dragon roared as his energy increased, signalling his ascension. He then glanced over to Xiaobai. Chubby widened his eyes and opened his mouth. A vortex absorbed vital essence.

Yang Tian was brighter ten minutes later. He discharged golden ancient text from his body. The text was so powerful looking at would lead the watcher’s eyes bleeding.

A rift opened. Creatures charged in. Yuan Xia rushed to the opening, powered up and stomped! Her stomp sent the celestial peng charging in reeling back out with its claws in fragments and body bloody. A group of creatures then rushed in. Yuan Xia quickly went on a stomping spree, killing them.

The human cultivators didn’t have the confidence to make a move. They, therefore, opted to cultivate.

A taotie arrived and asserted, “There’s no need to fear. We just need to join forces!”

The creatures around the taotie joined it in its charge. World Scroll soared up and blocked the rift. The taotie swung its red claws at the scroll three times. The void tried to force its way into the taotie’s mouth. The taotie intended to explosively leap back, but it was too late for the vortex in its mouth rearranged its appearance.

A three-legged crow leveraged an opening to attack the scroll. Chubby and Xiaoji bled from their mouth after feeling the impact. They immediately began absorbing vital essence around.

The enemy numbers eventually overran Yuan Xia and company. World Scroll weakened.

Xiaobai gnashed his teeth.

A suction force came from a new opening in the void and interrupted the two celestial pengs hard at work. Pengfeng summoned a small celestial peng to go to the opening while he pulled back. A Mystic Golden Pagoda imitation descended. Golden Qi from the nine floors held back the celestial pengs. The celestial peng took in a big breath to try and take the pagoda.

Xiaobai gnashed his teeth. Mystic Golden Pagoda floated inside the rift. Xiaobai sucked with his mouth.

Chubby was wowed.

Yang Tian’s deities absorbed Chaos Light as the battle raged on. His vital points evolved into chaos vitals. His divine statue melted to fuse with his physical body. His attributes increased at an exponential rate!


Taotie – Represents gluttony. It consists of only a head.


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