Almighty – Ch. 544

Epic Battle

Colourful weapons decorated the area. A celestial peng charged at the light barrier. Xiaobai blasted energy from his Mystic Yellow Pagoda at the one-legged dragon. Yuan Xia generated shockwaves with four light steps. Yin Yang Divine Formation fired off beams enhanced with divine talismans.

The numbers eventually dented the Yin Yang Divine Dimension. Xuanyuan Mu effortlessly overwhelmed the Yi brothers. The Anti-Dragon Rod was too much for the brothers. Gentle grazes blew the void apart. Xuanyuan Mu created a crater when he stomped. The momentum sent him up high.

The battle was epic.

Some were there to jump in and profit from the labour of others.

Yang Tian was still at it. Once he reached the most crucial moment, the noise and scene he made increased in magnitude. He was close to reaching Soul Refinement. He took to the void and sat down. His seven Qi points glowed. His Divine Soul levitated. A scroll and Yin Yang Mutual Protection levitated up. Yin Yang Scroll manifested for only a split second. He manifested a scroll that was supposed to only be manifested based on sheer luck.

Yang Tian absorbed vital essence. His deities in his pores grew stronger. His body boomed. His five Dao Bodies hovered above his golden lake. His one hundred and eight vital points emitted Chaos Light and boomed. The vital points were connected to his qihai. Every time they moved, they refined large volumes of vital essence into energy. The energy circulated into his body before reaching his lake in the end.

The dragon transformation pill above the lake opened. Its vital essence rushed into Yang Tian’s vital points. Every breath generated violent gales. He absorbed energy in the void rapidly. Chaos Light refined his body.

Yang Tian’s new powers intimidated, shocked and impressed. When Dan Xiaoxiao smiled, a celestial peng finally tore through Yi Yang Divine Formation with a flap of its wings.

The on-legged dragon then charged down the formation layers. Jaws dropped out of disbelief when they saw Yang Tian and Chaos Light fuse. Comments surged through the crowd. Only the celestial peng immediately struck; however, his target wasn’t Yang Tian but Xiaoqing.

Yuan Xia launched a divine stone that blasted the celestial peng back.


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