Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 138

Cai Lie

Mu Yu flipped to the last page. “Cai Lie” was scribbled onto it. Mu Yu grumbled, “Why didn’t you write your name on the front page?”

“Are we supposed to write our name on the front page? I just happened to flip open to the last page, so I penned it there. Plus, nobody else writes their names on their books,” Cai Lie answered as he stretched his back out casually.

“Cai Lie? That is one peculiar name. Don’t tell me you have a brother named Xing Gao,” muttered Mu Yu.

“How did you know? My elder brother, Xing Gao, is a disciple of Earth Sovereign Sect. You know him?” Cai Lie asked with a smile.

“Goodness me, whoever named you two should be charged,” remarked Mu Yu, finding it outlandish for someone to take a four character description meaning ebullience and name someone with it.

“My father named us. He said people should lead exuberant lives.”

“Are you also a disciple of Earth Sovereign Sect?”

“No, my brother leveraged his connections to have me join Pill Cauldron Sect. I don’t like fiend beasts, yet their disciples have to hang around fiend beasts all day. Who are you? Why do you have my book?”

Mu Yu dryly chuckled as he glanced at Xiaoshuai, signalling, “Just you wait.” He played it safe and asked, “Xiaoshuai, where did you pick it up from?”

“On the roof. I smelt roast duck on the roof, so I followed the aroma to the roof. There were duck bones littered on the roof, and I found the pill scripture lying there,” Xiaoshuai answered.

“I knew it. I was assiduously reading it last night but forgot to bring it with me because I was tired,” Cai Lie exclaimed.

“There was no moon last night. How did you read? You read black ink in pitch darkness?” Mu Yu sarcastically asked as he sniffed the air. “I smell alcohol. You ate roast duck and knocked back alcohol while reading? Wow.”

Cai Lie hastily performed a series of eye signals to tell Mu Yu to not say anymore. Alchemist Yao, who was behind Cai Lie, furrowed his eyebrows. “You drank again last night and used the pages of the scripture for the fire, didn’t you?”

“No, no, Shifu. I would never do such a thing to a book I love with all my heart and soul.” Though he said that, Cai Lie’s eyes perpetually darted around.

“May this old one have a look at the book?” requested Alchemist Yao, stretching a hand out to Mu Yu.

Mu Yu’s mischievous side came out. “I think it is better if I return it to its rightful owner. You are acquainted, so you can always ask him for it.”

Mu Yu chucked the scripture over to Cai Lie. Cai Lie immediately shoved it into his Cosmic Sleeve. “Haha, Shifu, why do you want to read it when you are the author? What do you want me to explain?”

“I’m disappointed you care so little for my blood, sweat and tears. What if people read the contents? Our alchemy secrets are that, secrets. Do you realise you broke the sect’s rules?”

“Don’t scare me, Shifu. You never copied any of it down. What would the point of others picking it up be? It’s pointless even if they read it.”

Xiaohua: “Shifu, according to the rules, should we not take his eyes for reading our secrets?”

Mu Yu retreated a step. He wasn’t going to let Little Flower get revenge under the guise of rules. “Xiaohua, we don’t have a grudge between us. There’s no point in taking my eyes. We’re benevolent people, so let’s keep it that way.”

“He did not read it on purpose. There is no need to harm him. If you would like, please feel free to join us. This old one is somewhat interested in what you said yesterday,” Alchemist Yao invited with a smile.

“You can put that on hold for now. Alchemist Yao, could you meet up with me outside the city?”

The intruder stepped in between them. He was armed with a sword wrapped in cloth. From behind, he resembled a man who had weathered many tribulations for a long time. His hair was casually done in a bun, giving him the appearance of a man in his thirties.

Before the startled feelings settled, Alchemist Yao and the individual had already left.

“Where’s Shifu off to?” questioned Cai Lie, displaying a delayed response.

Alchemist Yao’s response, “I’ll be back soon. Wait for me” echoed in the building.

“Isn’t that Nameless Swordsman?”

Cai Lie shrugged then took the seat opposite Mu Yu. Xiao Hua scoffed and went back to his table. He seldom stole glances at the duo, instead eating his meal in silence.

“By the way, what was your name?”

“Mu Yu.”

Cai Lie and Mu Yu found each other’s company to not be so bad. That could’ve been attributed to their personalities. According to Cai Lie, his shifu tolerated him breaking rules thanks to his gift for alchemy, displayed when he could produce rank four pills as a mere Golden Core Realm cultivator. It was hard to believe after learning he treated Pill Scripture as if it was a collection of scrap paper.  Moreover, he whined about being forced to produce pills when all he wanted to do was sleep. Mu Yu found a common experience when he compared Alchemist Yao whipping Cai Lie along, literally, to Uncle An making him train when he, too, just wanted more sleep. Mu Yu, on the other hand, downplayed his origins to hide his background.

“You know what? I need to treat you to a drink.”

“I don’t know how to drink,” rejected Mu Yu.

“Come on. Roast duck and nu’er hong makes everything else in life trivial. I don’t drink a lot in case Shifu gives me an earful. A little bit is great for a mood boost, but too much is bad for you. Alcohol is mandatory when having a heart-to-heart talk.”

Cai Lie gestured for the waiter to pour drinks as he spoke. Xiaoshuai had a try and started cursing. Mu Yu gave in. It was spicy, but it left a warm feeling and induced a relaxed state. Mu Yu realised he had been taking good care of his body all the time since he avoided alcohol.

Mu Yu had another nip. “I have a friend who’s unconscious, but I don’t know where the problem lies. Can you take a look at her since you’re an alchemist?”

As part of their training, alchemists familiarised themselves with cultivators bodies to individualise their prescriptions. Cai Lie responded, “Sure thing.”

Mu Yu promptly led Cai Lie upstairs and showed him Tian Ran. Suddenly, Cai Lie drew his sword and aimed it at Mu Yu.


“Why is Secular World’s Sect’s sacred maiden in your room? Are you a human trafficker?!”

“Secular World Sect’s holy maiden? Human trafficker?” repeated Mu Yu.

Wait, Tian Ran is Secular World Sect’s sacred maiden?


Nu’er hong – A type of wine.


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