Almighty – Ch. 431

Overlord Body!

Two extremes, a black light and a holy light emerged from the youth’s body. As per historic records, his evolution created a disturbance. The highly-risky transformation granted him immense power. Utilised appropriately, it could surpass the strongest types of divine bodies. The last time it was seen was during the primordial era. The individual who successfully achieved it ended up going on genocides. Many of humanity’s adepts joined hands to subdue it, yet they still suffered substantial casualties.

Longyang’s bare hands weren’t enough to run Yang Xiao into the ground. He laughed aloud when he looked down to see the youth unleash his power. Yang Xiao was incredibly worn out after back to back battles and hung on purely owing to Mountains and Rivers Cauldron’s formidableness. With their exchange paused, Yang Xiao looked up to see the youth evolving into Overlord Body.

“So you humans do know of Overlord Body, haha… I have a policy of killing those who force me to use it!” The youth stared at those below and mocked them after hearing repetitive declarations. He then pointed to Yun’er. “You. Come and serve me!” He wanted her divine Nine Yin Divine Body to improve his cultivation faster.

Yang Tian verbally fired, “Come down, rapscallion!”

Noticing Yun’er resentfully clench her fists, Xing Shan’s eye twitched: She must be hiding something from me…

With a ridiculing undertone, the youth said, “Fine by me. You two look quite close.”

Xing Shan and Xing Hao immediately got into position to defend a big black blast the youth fired down; however, their formation was blown apart. The blast attacked similarly to swords slicing their target. Xing Hao, being the weakest, bled from his mouth and cuts. Yun’er and Xing Hao wouldn’t have been able to match the youth even if they utilised their Inheritances.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian powered up and raced to Yun’er and Xing Hao’s aid.

“Haha, you must flies buzzing around your brain. What could you possibly do?!” mocked the youth, shaking his head.

The youth stomped hard. Yang Tian trembled. Yang Tian fired golden rays from his eyes. His five Dao Physiques called on nature’s energy to heal him.

“Hmm, I’m missing a labourer. You’re strong enough. You can be my slave,” jeered the youth, snickering before he stomped again.

Yang Ba rattled the black lights in the void to attempt an attack to no avail. His allies were also under too much pressure, rendering all three helpless.

Clang! A small silver pagoda levitated up from Yang Tian’s head and released streams of stars.

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