Stepmom-con – Ch. 73

Chapter 73

I heard Sperra running towards me in the dark. I had retrieved all my soldiers. I didn’t think I wanted any of my moms knowing about this just yet because there was just too much to think about.

Sperra reached me and I was picked up off the ground and squeezed right in between her large mountains. I couldn’t deny her. I had to question why it was that all my moms insisted on putting my face there. I’ve heard that they used it to feed me once when I was a baby in order to establish a bond before I was put in the next womb but I wasn’t exactly clear on how the process work.

It was a rebirthing process that could work to fix issues that healing magic could not fix.

Sperra:”Roy, I was so worried. You made mommy so worried!”

Roy:”It’s not my fault you wanted to take me on this adventure into some sort of tomb. I don’t even like this kind of hunting business because it’s dangerous.”

Sperra:”Oh, you’re right Roy!”

Sperra began to use her tongue to lick my face and then my neck.  The tongue then went down my shirt and around my waste. I wasn’t sure what to think as this wet, slippery and dexterous part of Sperra was going all over me. It then began to creep into my pants and that’s when I decided it was enough.

Roy:”Mom! What’re doing to me? Is this appropriate?”

Sperra:”Of course it is Roy! You’ve been in this cave for a few hours and you must be dirty so I need to clean you. The Beast women clean their young with a tongue you know. I’m just grooming you.”

The idea of her tongue licking me would normally cause a rising dragon within me without the impotency band. I mean, it’s so strong and dexterous, it’s also larger than the dragon at it’s biggest state and the friction…

Roy:”Mom, I’m an adult now and something like that could be misconstrued as something else. I’m not comfortable with it.”

Sperra:”I see.”

Sperra looked a bit disappointed.

Sperra:”If I had been your wife instead of your mom then maybe I could have done that and tasted every part of you. Alright, mommy is sorry but we should leave this tomb after I confirm the death of the Lich. I hope he didn’t run away.”

Roy:”He’s dead, I think.”

Sperra:”Did you kill him? How did you kill him? You have no magic or anything.”

Roy:”I uh… I stumbled into his chamber I guess he was really focused on something and I hit him from behind.”

Sperra’s eyes glowed in the dark and I could see them widen.

Sperra:”You hit him from behind?”

Roy:”Yeah… I hit him from behind.”

Sperra:”I can smell your trail so let’s go, come on climb on my back and I’m going to tie you on.”

I was back riding on Sperra’s back as she moved quickly through the tomb. I guess the soldiers that I summoned have no smell since she didn’t mention anything about them. The Lich also stated that they didn’t really have any signs of humanity in them and called me a summoner. Do summoned beings have a smell then? Or maybe the smell goes away when they’re retrieved since their blood also disappears.

We eventually arrive back at the large chamber and Sperra puts me down while she takes a look at the dead Lich. I think the mummies he was summoning were worth more points but I couldn’t get there in time. I think they would have died to fire mages.

Sperra:”You must have hit him really good because he is dead.”

Roy:”That’s good to hear. Does that mean your hunt is done?”

Sperra:”Yes it is. I thought it would take a few months because of how big the tomb was. According to the records this tomb was once a lost city that existed over ten thousand years ago.”

Ancient civilizations in this world were something I bet would be interesting except I don’t care to explore in person. I can see, feel and smell everything when occupying the body of one of my soldiers.

Sperra then burst out laughing until she coughed. Then she kicked the remains of the Lich a bit before turning to me.

Sperra:”Roy, did you really kill him by attacking him from behind?”

I grew a bit nervous in case Sperra didn’t want to believe me on this. What could I tell her? Oh hey mom, I can summon soldiers and used the light magic to kill him.

Roy:”Yeah, I did… I hit him with a rock.”

I had seen some big rocks around.

Sperra then burst out laughing once more.

Sperra:”The Lich who gave us so much trouble in the last war by raising the strongest warriors on both sides back from the dead. Here he is dying from… my son Roy who has no powers!”

Sperra broke down laughing again.

Roy:”Was he that much trouble?”

Sperra:”The Lich by himself is quite weak which is why he aligned with the demon lord. The more the demon lord killed the stronger his army became. We were only able to start turning the battle away when we discovered holy magic worked on the undead. Millions died before we were able to figure that out, died to the undead.”

Roy:”He was that terrible…”

The Lich is basically a reflection of myself. While it raises the undead to fight I summon soldiers to fight for me. The soldiers don’t speak and follow orders as I intend them. If I am taken down or captured then the soldiers cease moving. There are many things that could go wrong with it.

The only difference is that I don’t require dead bodies to add to my army. I require killing monsters and enemies that can give me points to use for a system.

Sperra took a deep breath and hugged me tightly. I’m so glad to have the band of impotency on, otherwise her large bags of soft flesh would make me stand on end. This stood in stark contrast to the rest of her body which was hard as a rock with muscle.

Sperra:”We’re far ahead now. I didn’t expect to finish this entire hunt within a day.”

Roy:”So since we’re months ahead what do you want to do now mom?”

Sperra:”I’ll let you decide.”

Roy:”Hmm… are there are lot of different races around that aren’t human besides the elves? I know Mom Dhalia is a vampire and Mom Xeneva is a succubus. Do they have their own countries and societies?”

Sperra:”The Succubi do not since they live among humans. They are very few in number and only reproduce when they have confirmed some in their tribe have died. They run all the orphanages for children of every group that have no parents.”

Roy:”Then what about the vampires?”

Sperra:”Dhalia should have told you but Vampires are a very exclusive group. They spend most of their time sleeping and only awaken at night when there is something they must do. Dhalia is somehow free from the curse of sleep. It would be boring to visit them.”


Sperra:”Ah, the dwarves. We have a great relationship with the Dwarves. They give us weapons and we hunt their monsters. Dwarves don’t really like dealing with adventurers as they don’t see them as reliable.”

Roy:”Wait, but there are dwarf adventurers too that I’ve seen.”

Sperra:”The dwarves who live in the mountains and mines are different from those who live in human society. It’s the same with the elves. They’ll participate when it comes to the war against the demon lord and their invasion but most of them would much rather prefer to keep to their own kind.”

Roy:”Does that mean the Beast men don’t really like me much?”

Sperra:”Yes, that’s true. This is also one of the reasons I wanted to travel with you. I didn’t want you to experience the prejudice of my kind.”

I see, so even fantasy worlds can’t escape that sort of thing. I mean, it’s mostly a cultural difference isn’t it?

Roy:”Then why don’t humans have the same prejudice?”

Sperra smiled.

Sperra:”One thing I love about humans is that they are the least prejudiced of all races.


I always remembered how humans are always prejudiced in every single work of fiction while the other races are not. This world might just be a different one then.

Sperra:”Yes, humans have the easiest time accepting the others. Most of the other races though think humans are stupid because they live such short lives. The beast men are respected because they only hunt and keep to themselves, except for a few of them who live with humans and become adventurers. Most of them use the money to buy supplies for the tribe to continue as a sense of duty from where they were raised.”

I suppose that was true, but I’m not going to be trained as a hunter and I don’t really want to go back to the village.

Roy:”Mom, I’d like to see the dwarf lands and other places around the continent then.”

Sperra:”Sure Roy, let’s go traveling together. There is a kingdom of Lizard men on the way to the Dwarf mountain, how about we stop by there? It goes through a beautiful rain forest with many fruits and animals to hunt and eat.”

Roy:”Um… sure.”

Sperra had a huge smile on her face. We left the tomb and continued on our journey. She still tied me to her back and we stopped to bathe in the rivers as we went on by. Sperra insisted on bathing with me citing the fact I bathed with both Dhalia and Xeneva who told her about it.

I couldn’t do anything about that so we traveled. Most of the traveling itself wasn’t all that eventful. We went to the lizard kingdom and Sperra was asked for help to slay a land dragon, she killed it and we moved on. The dragon was worth a lot of points but I didn’t say anything. I was still steadily gaining points having the soldiers hunt the weaker annoyances.

The Lizard Men lived in large forests with plenty of humidity and rain. I would look outside at the rain during a nightly thunderstorm and mom would force me to snuggle into her. If she wasn’t my mom and I wasn’t already engaged I would have enjoyed it, but social mores and morals forced me to keep the band of impotency on.

After the Lizard King thanked Sperra we then went to the Dwarf kingdom where there were many blacksmiths and workers. I always felt it was so cliche that the dwarves would always be miners and workers. I couldn’t say that out loud because if I talked about fantasy most of them wouldn’t understand what I was saying and perhaps call me a madman.

The dwarves lived in a large mountain mine and had a civilization that mostly lived underground. They also loved their booze, which was also cliche.

Sperra drank with them and seemed to hold her alcohol never getting drunk even after drinking a dozen barrels. The Dwarves had no jobs for her but they loved the Beast Race since the hunters would always come and help them clear out the monsters in their mines whenever one started living there. This was all great and everything and most of the dwarves ignored me.

Also when we stayed in the Dwarven hotels the bed was so short that Sperra slept on the floor and I… I used her body as a mattress since the bed was too short for me as well despite being shorter than the average person. The bags on her chest were used as pillows that I’d give a ten out of ten rating.

After our stay there we went around a few of the human kingdoms, we reached the ocean and also the Vampire estate where Dhalia’s family greeted me though none gave me their name.

The traveling was enjoyable but uncomfortable because whenever we would move I’d be tied to Sperra’s warm and sweaty back. There wasn’t much I could do since I didn’t want to take out my Wyvern rider.


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