Almighty – Ch. 395

Thousand Buddhist Fingers!

Tian Wei built up energy and then punched a black blast that ripped the air apart. Yang Ba deflected the black blast with a meditation-enhanced palm strike. Tian Wei immediately unleashed a black violent wave and surrounded Yang Ba with it.

The ring was made from a robust material used in refining Profound Materials called black rock steel, yet Yang Ba split the ring with a heavy stomp. His purple glow burst from his body, erasing the black energy incarcerating him. He snickered before throwing a thunderous palm strike at the void. A black blast fired down at the purple sun, creating an explosion.

It took Tian Wei eight steps before he could stop himself. Tian Wei was as angry as he was exasperated. Before he could make another move, Yang Ba zipped over, rippling the air with his sheer sped.

Almighty Realm adepts were thoroughly impressed with Yang Ba’s void control. They weren’t aware he actually used Great Void Token to traverse voids; it allowed its wielder to adapt for attack and defence interchangeably.

Tian Wei gusted up a gale as he generated a black pillar. “Star Fist!” Tian Wei’s punch turned into two black fists pulling the wind with it.

Yang Ba pursed his lips and summoned a purple light onto his index finger. A faint phantasmal Buddhist emerged – Thousand Buddhist Fingers, an attack technique that produced transparent purple and golden fingers comprised of energy. The fingers collided with the two punches Tin Wei threw and overwhelmed the punches.

The two reached a stalemate; it was a back and forth between the black and purple energies, puncturing the void. Tian Wei couldn’t get through with his attacks. Yang Ba’s divine soul energy overpowered Tian Wei’s, but he couldn’t land sneak attacks using his void technique. Those with keen eyes, nevertheless, were able to discern Yang Ba defended the entire time. They speculated he was waiting for Tian Wei to use a Martial Technique.

“That Martial Technique reminds me of Buddhism recorded in ancient texts,” remarked Chubby.

“It bears a striking resemblance to Thousand Buddhist Fingers!” Xiaoji beamed.

Yang Tian kicked back and watched with a smile, cognisant of the fact Yang Ba treated Tian Wei as a training resource.

Yang Ba, remaining calm throughout, shut his eyes to visualise a secret technique. He obtained Inheritances from the relic; Thousand Buddhist Fingers was just one among them.

Tian Wei clenched his teeth and imbued his arm with black energy again.

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