Almighty – Ch. 394

Lin Yuan

Lin Yuan, who was in the black iron cage, was dressed in messy green clothing – restrained and muted. He looked pale, but there wasn’t a trace of fear in his determined eyes. He was prepared for death as he knew how strong his kidnapper was, and he knew what he was kidnapped for.

Lin Yuan was proud to see Yang Tian after all those years apart. He knew about Yang Tian’s accomplishment. He was right when he assumed Wild Cloud City was too small for Yang Tian. Yang Tian was destined to soar to the nine heavens. Yang Tian came for him as he predicted.  He beat himself up for being weak.

Yang Tian clenched his fists as though he held his emotions in them and fought off the urge to cry. He cursed himself for failing to protect Lin Yuan.

Tian Wei, the young man in black, sarcastically queried, “How do you like it?!”

Yang Tian looked over his shoulder and calmly reminded everyone of Tian Xin’s utter defeat. “I know what you lot are capable of. But a word of advice: you can’t afford to lose.”

“That’s not up to you to decide.”

“I guess you’re confident in your ability to go back on your word. If you’re going to play the hostage game, I shall entertain you,” mocked Yang Tian, gaze on the two elders.

“Young Tian, there’s no need to engage in verbal warfare. Defeat him, and you can leave with your father.”

“Thank you, Elders.”

Others tracked Yang Tian’s gaze over his shoulder. Yang Ba’s amble saw him cross dozens of metres with each step. He also kept his aura contained despite his newfound power.

Yang Tian turned back to give Tian Wei a smirk; he knew Yang Ba could give Tian Wei an embarrassing beating. Yang Ba’s cultivation improvement and combat prowess boggled minds as he exceeded the median improvement in two years.

Xiaoji noted Yang Ba must’ve undertaken a treasure’s baptism from his ability to contain his aura. The young man in black couldn’t identify Yang Ba’s cultivation, but his strut was imposing. Nevertheless, he swore to kill Yang Ba to restore honour to Heavenly Dao Alliance’s name.

Tian Wei, the young man, quickly moved up to the ring, parting the air with his speed. Yang Ba joined him in the ring with a smile. He knew he could defeat Tian Wei even if he didn’t have the fortunate encounter. The two stood quite close.

With a snarky smile, Tian Wei asked, “Did you remind Yang Tian to have your casket ready?”

“I do have one reserved for you, yes,” replied Yang Ba.

Tian Wei immediately struck with a barrage of claw attacks emitting the glow of a bird’s. He reached for Yang Ba’s skull. Yang Ba raised a hand with purple energy collected on it. Yang Ba snickered and blasted the purple energy at the incoming attack. The ear-splitting clash sent Tian Wei back several steps, resulting in an arena-wide gasp.

The elder on the platform, who previously spoke, shot Li Cheng a glance. He didn’t expect Yang Ba to be that strong even though he was in possession of a Celestial Weapon. Li Cheng reactively jerked his head back. He was cross for it was their elder who passed on the information; it wasn’t his issue.

Triggered, Tian Wei powered up, discharging black steam.

Elders were eager to see the predicted intense fight. Eastern Continent’s residences silently cheered Yang Ba on since they weren’t fans of Tian Wei.

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