Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 22

Chapter 22

Dhalia returned shortly after as the girls were trying to talk to me about how I grew up and what I liked. Exhausting questions when I was no longer interest in them. Why would I be interested in someone who doesn’t see me for anything but my connection to my moms? If something happened to my mom then they would abandon me just as easily as they tried to get with me.

Since I didn’t know Dhalia’s relationship with them I remained cautious. I didn’t want to offend them and I didn’t know whether I could just kick them out and cancel the contract. It isn’t that I don’t like women, I just don’t like those kind of women.

Dhalia: “Oh Darling you’re at home eating? Have you bathed yet?”

Roy: “No mom—“

Dhalia instantly teleported next to me and squeezed me into her ample bosom where the soft mounds pressed up against me. The only thought running through my mind was questioning why she had to be my mother instead of a fiance or a lover or something. This is a thought that constantly runs on repeat in my head and I’m sure everyone knows why.

Same with Xeneva, I know she’s got other children but why did I have to spend time in their wombs? To help mitigate a curse? If I was raised by my birth parents would it have changed anything? If my father were alive then they wouldn’t be putting all of this on me, and then maybe I’d have other siblings that were half human. I’m really not sure if I’m lucky or cursed.

Dhalia suddenly stopped.

Dhalia: “Are you upset Roy?”

Roy: “Upset? What do you mean mom?”

Dhalia: “You don’t have to hide it from me,”

Dhalia looked around the room as the Edna, Chrissy and Arwen were staring at us. Her long blue fingers went through my hair once more as she kissed me on the cheek.

Dhalia: “Roy, go bathe and get ready for bed. I’ll come talk to you in a little bit, maybe after I have dinner with the guests.”

Roy: “Uh… yes mom…”

I wasn’t sure what was going on but I felt the sudden tension in the room. It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to be involved with them. I still have two more places to go and a few more days until I can start working on my army again.

Might as well just read the books about this world.

Dhalia stood there with a furious look on her face at the three women who were at the table. Edna, Arwen and Chrissy had seen that face before from their guild master and knew not to do anything but stay there quietly.

Dhalia waved her fingers and a barrier was erected all around the dining room that prevented them from escaping. The sound of their voices no matter how loud they yelled would be kept private.

Dhalia: “What are you all thinking about doing to Roy?

The vampire woman floated in front of them with a staunched and angry look on her face. Their plots were exposed and they remained silent.

Edna was terrified and stood back while Chrissy and Arwen sat in their chair doing nothing else. They were trying to get her favor by making Roy fall in love with them, they failed throughout the day each time when they tried to ‘bump’ into him with their chests and grab his arms. Roy just didn’t respond to them.

Edna: “Guild Master, I apologize!”

Edna immediately bowed. Seeing the maid take the initiative both Chrissy and Arwen bowed as well as.

Chrissy: “Guild Master, I had no meaning in it! I was just having fun!”

Arwen: “Guild Master, let me take a failure on this escort request and return to the guild!”

Dhalia looked over them. Truthfully she didn’t mind it that much and honestly she found it funny. Inside she could only laugh at them.

Dhalia: “Very well, Arwen and Chrissy you can both return. Edna however, you may stay on as the head maid since you’re trained for this position or you may quit.”

Edna stared at Dhalia for a few more moments thinking about whether it was worth it to stay here. Being stuck in a mansion all day was stuffy and she was a trained adventurer. She had doubts about whether Roy would fall for her when she had already made offers and he did not seem to respond.

Edna: “Guild Master, I would like to quit and return to being an adventurer. Although the pay is fair and stable here I miss the freedom.”

Dhalia shook her head.

Dhalia: “Very well, you’re dismissed as well. Here is the pay for your two days of work. I’ll have to hire some ordinary people to keep the mansion for Roy.”

Dhalia took out a pouch of gold coins and threw it to Edna who scooped it up, bowed and then left as well. When the girls were gone she took down the sound barrier and shook her head at it. An older woman dressed in maid attire came up to her.

Dhalia: “Catherine, you’re now the head maid. Hire competent staff from now. There is no need to hire attractive maids as I don’t think Roy seems interested in them.”

Catherine: “Yes Mistress.”

Catherine bowed and then left secretly happy. Edna was more of an adventurer and she had become tired picking up after the ‘head’ maid who didn’t even know how to fold a blanket properly or do laundry. At least now the job would be simpler.

Dhalia in the meantime went up stairs and found that Roy was already asleep.

Dhalia: “How does Darling sleep so quickly. I don’t understand… I wanted to talk to him a bit before.”

Dhalia sighed.


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