Almighty – Ch. 396

Thousand Buddhist Palms!

Monsters dwelled in the back of the black hand. On Tian Wei’s palm were patterns that spread, pulling vital essence toward it rapidly. If his technique landed, it could melt a living organism.

In response, Yang Ba called on his relic inside him. The disgusted feeling from the relic told him what he wanted to know.

Everyone was confused as to why Yang Ba stood there without a care in the world when he could’ve closed the gap before Tian Wei could bring out the full potential of his technique.

Tian Wei was out for Yang Ba’s arrogant blood, though that was exclusively his perception. He gradually formed a vortex in his palm.

Li Qingxue had a bad feeling. She knew Yang Ba was not the type to do something he wasn’t confident in.

Yang Tian’s Ancestral Dragon Ring could easily pick up on why his brother was confident. Reading scriptures daily could purify devils’ evil nature, let alone a relic.

Tian Wei summoned a sky-shrouding black hand. Its aura intimidated those it didn’t even target.

Yang Ba smiled deridingly. He coated his left hand in his purple energy to prepare a technique similar to Thousand Buddhist Fingers.

“Yang Ba, every action has a consequence!”

Yang Ba shook his head whilst intensifying his purple energy with a layer of golden light spawning.

Still confident, Tian Wei smiled hideously and clenched a fist, slamming the sky-shrouding hand down. The black lines on it wriggled similarly to snacks.

“Thousand Buddhist Palms!” Yang Ba struck back with a booming palm attack.

Tian Wei laughed gleefully with a tinge of ridicule in his tone, but… it didn’t last long because he was astounded a second later.

Tian Wei’s energy erased Yang Ba’s purple energy. Before it completely erased it, though, the purple energy dove into the hand. A golden light shone through from inside, erasing the black energy. The Buddhist technique blew up the sky-shrouding hand. A burst of energy went off in all directions. Tian Wei’s arm bled a black and stagnant blood.

Humans didn’t have black blood, igniting speculation that Tian Wei had devilised.

Heavenly Dao Alliance’s elders looked wrathful and surprised Yang Ba won. The energy Yang Ba utilised was clearly their clan’s weakness. He, therefore, was declared a threat they had to eliminate.

Scowling and coughing red blood, albeit with a trace of terror in his eyes, Tian Wei discovered his arm was crippled. “Curse you!”

Tian Wei revealed a small black seal in his hand. The seal, hiding in smog, automatically levitated and ushered vital essence toward it. It was a surreal sight. He smirked and expelled a black light from his hand. Subsequently, the seal blasted black breakers. It radiated brighter and vibrated as if an earthquake was taking place, blowing a hole in the void.

“Is that a Celestial Weapon?!” exclaimed a knowledgeable elder.

Everyone cast their eyes onto the supposed Celestial Weapon.

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