Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 20

Chapter 20

Arwen and Chrissy both went to the mansion where Roy was still sleeping. The sun was still rising and the farmers began to bring their wares out on the streets to be sold. There were true marvels of architecture in the city of this small country where almost every race under the sun could build their own sections freely.

Since it was a town where the headquarters of merchants and Adventurer’s were located, it was safe with powerful adventurer patrols. This was a country where there was no king and where the two Guilds ruled in cooperation with total harmony. No nation wanted to go to war here because it would not benefit them. There were only rumors that the Rose Empire which once had ambition to conquer the world might try to take this place, but they were merely rumors.

When Arwen and Chrissy arrived at the mansion Edna was there to greet them.

Arwen: “Oh Edna, so you’re the maid now. To think an S-class adventurer would be turned into someone who does house chores.”

Edna smiled.

Edna: “I’m an ex-adventurer now. This job pays much better, is easier and I don’t have to get dirty or camp anymore. Besides, you’re both also S-Class Adventurers.”

Arwen: “We’re going to be demoted to A-class soon with the new changes that Dhalia is pushing.”

Edna: “Yes, I knew that was coming which was why I stopped adventuring as well, it’s hard to accept a demotion just because they want to raise the standard.”

Chrissy: “Stop both of you! Dhalia is only doing it for the safety of everyone and to be able to classify S-class quests as something only those who are capable of doing to accept. Right now with the standard push there is going to be a newer F class rank for gathering materials. It’s not that bad and all the previous S Class missions that go to A-class will still give the same rewards.”

Edna: “It still feels as if it’s a demotion even if that’s the reason. There are going to be very few S-Class adventurer’s left and most of them would rather get steady work serving a country instead.”

Chrissy: “Then this is to try and get the most powerful around to stop joining countries for their pay.”

There was an unspoken rule among adventurers. Even though one was S-Class and were the highest rank, the difference between the strongest and weakest in that rank was an extreme gap. Those who were the most powerful of adventurers would be offered positions of power at countries. With the finances of a country behind them they might lack freedom but would never lack in finances.

Many chose not to be adventurers because of this. Status, position and power were often items that granted others happiness.

Arwen: “I hear there is also going to be an SS rank as well for those who are the top ten most powerful adventurers but they are not sure how they’re going to distribute it yet.”

Edna: “I don’t wish to talk about that anymore. I’m currently serving as Roy’s maid and the maid of the Guild Master’s Mansion. I suppose you’re going to escort him today?”

Arwen: “Yes. We took the assignment because Roy dismissed his friends.”

Edna sighed thinking about the two young men who had come and ate food waiting for Roy to wake up. It was quite funny how Roy got rid of them by convincing them to explore. She did not want to see them around.

Edna: “Those vulgar men.”

Edna shook her head.

Chrissy: “They were quite polite to me, weak but polite.”

Edna: “They made passes at me because they saw me as a maid and nothing more. They suddenly became arrogant because they were newly minted adventurers.”

Chrissy: “Give them some time, they’re new and came from a village where it was probably too boring to do anything but f*** each other. That’s where the crassness comes from and it’ll be interesting to see how they end up when they try to go after the women here.”

Edna laughed.

Arwen: “Sorry to change the subject but I’m curious about Roy himself. You’ve seen him so far. Edna, tell us what you think of him? We’re going to be his escorts for a week.”

Edna took a breath and had a smile on her face.

Edna: “He’s a gentlemen. Despite my offer to come to him at night he refused.”

Arwen: “Well, couldn’t that be because his mom sleeps with him at night?”

Edna: “You knew?”

Arwen: “No but it’s a guess because of how much she was clinging to him when we were at the guild. Don’t you think he’d refuse your advances due to that? What man would want his mother to know about a night time escapade?”

Edna laughed and shook her head.

Edna: “You’re correct about that. Still, he had all day while his mother was out to ask me for such a service but he never once hinted at it. Instead he was more interested in knowing about the city and the world. He even went to the library to look things up.”

Arwen: “I see, so he’s the studious type is he?”

Edna: “He’s also a virgin.”

Chrissy and Arwen both stared at Edna for a moment.

Edna: “I heard it from his mother.”

Arwen: “You snuck around at night and overheard their conversation?”

Chrissy: “At his age? Still a virgin? I almost feel sorry for him. He could just lose it to a wench at a one of the houses on succubus street. Perhaps that’s where he will go today!”

Edna: “No, he’s not interested in that. He doesn’t even want to let the maids change him anymore. Won’t let us bathe him either. He’s peculiar and eccentric which makes him a bit more interesting than the average bloke who would take advantage of the help.”

Edna sighed as she said those last words. There was a hint of disappointment in her voice as both Chrissy and Arwen understood.

Arwen: “You mean you took this job hoping for that?”

Chrissy: “Edna really? We were adventuring mates and you made plenty of money! Is Dhalia trying to make you her daughter in law?”

Edna had both girls now hugging her.

Edna: “Calm down! Calm down the both of you! It’s nothing like that. Besides Roy is a gentleman, which is probably why he is still a virgin.

With that statement the three of them suddenly fell silent. They looked at each other a bit.

Arwen: “How many men have you bedded?”

Edna: “Over twenty.”

Chrissy: “Fifteen… how about you Arwen?”

Arwen blinked a few times.

Arwen: “Over a thousand…”

They stared at each other awkwardly for a few moments. Arwen was a long lived elf who had lived longer than the other two. The mention of Roy being a virgin made them think about it. Then Edna turned to Chrissy to change the focus.

Edna: “I didn’t think you only did it with fifteen Chrissy… I mean, you’re so beautiful and the men are always looking at you. Arwen though… Really over a thousand? You’re amazing.”

Arwen: “We’re all looking for that satisfaction and life is short. More experiences are better isn’t it?”

Chrissy looked at them thinking about how her number was smaller. Then she thought about it.

Chrissy: “I guess we won’t be able to marry a noble man then. Aristocrats always want virgins.”

Arwen: “As if you want to be with an aristocrat. Can you imagine how boring that would be? Always having to go to those boring social events. I prefer my job as Dhalia’s assistant. It’s not hard and I get to go on missions from time to time. Much more fun than sitting around raising children. Birth control made by Roy’s other mom is amazing.”

Chrissy: “So Edna… do you really find Roy attractive or is it just because of his connections that you’re willing to throw yourself at him?”

Edna: “He’s not bad looking, just a bit small, but his connections are great. Human life is too short, we need to get ahead while we’re still young. I adventured with you all for only a few years when I turned fourteen and even though I’m not twenty yet I already feel like an old lady.”

The three girls looked at each other.

Chrissy: “Then let’s all try to make him fall in love with us, that way with three of us there we can take turns sleeping with him while the other two can go out of the town and have fun.”

Edna: “That might not work. Men tend to get jealous of their wives going with other men.”

Chrissy: “He’d never find out with the birth control, not only that it’s not like he could stop us. We’re still powerful adventurers and he is a village boy so he came from a place where men don’t even care if their wives sleep around.”

Edna: “That doesn’t mean he’s the same. I mean, he’s still a virgin.”

Arwen: “Let’s just feel him out. We’re escorting him this week so we can get a feel for who he is, but we can try and see what he likes.”

Chrissy: “Yeah, and since Edna is a friend we can always come by the mansion with the excuse that we came to visit our friend.”

Chrissy smiles at this and the three girls came to an understanding.


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