Almighty – Ch. 393


Among those glaring at Yang Tian included a single-armed Almighty Realm adept from Ancient Secret Grounds and the Half-Step Autarch Realm adept in black next to him. Being the calm and steady man he was, Yang Tian wasn’t afraid, earning admiration.

Hei Sha laughed. He recalled his promise to gift Yang Tian Li Clan’s Mutated Beast once the latter reached Transcendence Realm.

Ancient Sacred Grounds didn’t dare to speak up when Heavenly Dao Alliance’s two elders sat at the very top.

A girl in white from Skysong’s group, which wasn’t far from Green Sun Empire’s location, inquired, “He’s Yang Tian?”

“Yes, not even I can see his aura,” an elder responded.

Yang Tian noticed the eyes and fighting spirits directed at him. He was totally indifferent to Li Qingxue. She was equally indifferent to him. He went up to the ring and swept his gaze over the adepts above the platform. “Yang Clan’s Yang Tian, here to accept the challenge!”

Li Cheng smiled confidently for a quick moment. Yang Tian was already a dead man to him. With a friendly smile, he asked, “Yang Tian, life and death will be up to fate today. Do you accept?”

Yang Tian glanced up to Li Cheng. “May I ask what your clan kidnapped my adopted father for?”

A surge of whispers swept through the area after Yang Tian stated the obvious.

Li Cheng shrugged and responded with a ridiculing connotation. “Your Yang Clan needs a witness for the important duel, right? You don’t have anyone else in the family.”

“Li Cheng, is this another one of your schemes with Longyang. You two back together after you plotted the massacre of my clan?!”

Everyone knew Yang Tian amputated one of Longyang’s arms, but hardly anyone knew Li Clan was in cahoots with the man from the devil race. Thus, they fixed their suspicious gaze on Li Clan, albeit not asking for further clarification.

“You won’t tarnish my clan’s name with your baseless claims!”

Receiving an eye signal from Li Cheng, Li Qingxue nodded. She prepared to attack Yang Tian for he mentioned his clan’s extermination, a taboo topic within Li Clan; those who mentioned it would be executed. Before she could speak, though, the young man in black, who was a Battle Emperor adept from Heavenly Dao Alliance, hostilely cut in. “You’re a brave one, Yang Tian.”

Yang Tian glanced back at the young man. “Not really. It’s nothing compared to the shamelessness of some.”

Li Qingxue didn’t intervene despite feeling irate.

“Elder Li was right. You do have a sharp tongue,” commented the young man, snickering calmly. “I wonder how long you can keep it up.”

“You want to meddle?”

“Hahaha, scared now?!”

“No, I’m feeling sorry for you since you have to challenge those of lower level than you to fuel your ego. Your thin is thicker than waaaalls…”

“Since you’re scared, send your brother. I’ll teach you manners!”

Maintaining his smile, Yang Tian squinted. “You have to make it fair and put something on the line, don’t you? I remember you won a divine herb not long ago.”

The young man turned absolutely hostile when Yang Tian indirectly reminded everyone of the time he slapped Tian Xin’s face the other way.

The two elders with their eyes shut opened them. “In that case, I have just the right item for you.”

A black iron cage glowing gold landed on the ground.

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