Almighty – Ch. 264

Golden-Winged Dapeng

The entirety of the primitive forest was plunged into chaos. In front of the aura causing the chaos were three sinister auras. Still, the three were pitiful in comparison to the one causing the chaos.

The patriarch of Pill Valley picked up on the three other auras; however, they were only there for a split second. He recalled the attack a few days ago, where three Autarch Realm adepts attacked him, then fled using a secret technique. Their auras were practically identical to the auras he just sensed. Therefore, he had a strong suspicion it was them again.

There was a colossal entity in the distance encroaching upon his direction. Owing to its size, the void collapsed, and the forest fell apart. The shockwaves generated as a result of mountains collapsing splattered the beasts around, dying the landscape with blood.

Despite his might, Patriarch Dan quaked in his boots upon beholding the giant entity and stammered, “D-divine bird, Golden-Winged Dapeng!”

Divine Beasts, beasts notorious for their violence in ancient times, were capable of rivalling gods once they matured. Additionally, a number couldn’t be assigned to their lifespan. Divine beasts hadn’t appeared in ages – even on Western Continent.

The dapeng shrieked, destroying whatever was left in the vicinity on the ground and in the sky, running its mountain-sized claw through the series of mountains below. The formation couldn’t protect Pill City or Pill Valley from a single claw attack. Pill City faced an earthquake.

Dan Zong: Who is behind this? Don’t we have an agreement with the demons not to send out such creatures?

The dapeng slashed and gashed the Mutated Beasts around it. Such a rowdy disturbance undoubtedly caught the attention of adepts.

Yuan Xia opined, “I can’t imagine how unstoppable it’d be once it matures.”

Spectators wanted to run, but there was nowhere to escape to; legends claimed the dapeng could cover forty-five thousand kilometres without trying. Not even Omnipotent Adepts could ignore that sort of speed. Sure, it hadn’t matured. It was far faster than them, nevertheless.

The dapeng shifted its frigid and electrifying golden gaze onto the spectators. A drop of its aura could kill a powerful Mutated Beast. A gaze could kill a human. One swing demolished a massive city.

Dan Zong prayed the divine bird wouldn’t attack them, an act a group of adepts joined him in.

Had a pact not been made between humans and demons eons ago, the entire continent would be at war at this point in time. It was commonplace for innumerable people to be buried once a supreme adept was enraged.

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