Almighty – Ch. 265

Plucking Stars and Taking the Moon

Pill Valley’s patriarch took to the void. In a voice loud enough to reach every adept in Pill Valley, he commanded, “Pill Valley members, heed my call. Activate Pill City’s formations at full output!”

Dozens of members from the competition venue exited the venue. Combat Aura and energy levels rising, they summoned dragons above Pill City. A formation in a certain void activated, covering the entire void with its incredible aura. Qi and blood true dragons emerged from Pill City once the formation activated, sending even more violent tremors through the forest.

Patriarch Dan, enshrouded in a golden mist, gave Pill Dao Alliance’s two elders a smile. “I shall entrust the young ones below to you two.”

“Leave it to us,” replied the elders, performing a fist-palm salute before they appeared in the convention venue. The two sat in the air and covered the venue with a dense energy.

Yang Tian mumbled, “Something has happened,” before shutting his eyes. He trusted others to hold up the sky if it fell.

Watching it, Pill Valley’s patriarch prayed the dapeng wouldn’t violate the agreement. He moved into the sky above the dragons.

The dapeng spread its wings and took off, leaving an eye-catching trail of divine light behind. Its speed overturned the environment. Upon reaching its destination, it swung its claw downward.

“Assist me!” shouted Pill Valley’s patriarch.

Patriarch Dan absorbed essence around to summon tens of thousands of qi and blood dragons from below. They circled around together to form a crimson pillar, only for the dapeng to crack it. The adepts’ qi and blood releases generated a colourful divine light that transformed into a river. They blasted the dapeng’s claw with it only for it to swing back and decimate the concerted effort.

An individual resembling Dan Qu with surging Fighting Spirit held a three metre golden bow. Twang! His arrow zipped through the air, collecting the void’s energy as it flew. The arrow clanged against the dapeng’s claw, but all he got out of it was sparks.

The group didn’t even scratch the dapeng despite how impressive they were as individuals. The dapeng perceived them to be what humans perceived ants to be.

“Aren’t you worried about violating the oath?!” Patriarch Dan roared, hair thrashing.

Once enraged, oaths meant nothing in front of its desire to erase the human race. “The strong set the rules!”

An elder suddenly spoke up when the others were startled. “You’re certainly right about that.”

“Valley Elder!”

The dapeng widened its golden eyes. Its divine beams punctured the void and crumbled the firmament. An old mountain-sized hand appeared out of nowhere to pluck a star and moon. The colossal star fell from the sky and through the void to make its way toward the dapeng’s head. Unfortunately, the dapeng vanished and was replaced with a titan coated in a divine glow.

The dapeng radiated with a violent aura once it summoned a bloody halberd over ten metres long.  “Destroy!” The dapeng impaled stars, went wild in the void and smashed meteors across the sky using its halberd.

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