Almighty – Ch. 263

Disturbance in the Primitive Forest

Two hours went by in the blink of an eye. A sweaty contestant with a big head cursed over and over at the torturous weather. Even Yang Tian shifted his focus off his pill furnace interior for a moment, though he did finish melting his marrow cleansing herb into a nice clear liquid.

Yang Tian took a short break, chucked greenwood berry into his furnace, then continued powering it with an endless supply of energy, keeping its heat up.

At their realm, “their” including Yang Tian in spite of his Lightning Source, every rank four herb required a lot of time to melt.

Dan Zong: “Haha, we have quite a lot of promising contestants this time.”

The elder stroked his beard. “Dan Chen isn’t bad, either. Dan Xiaoxiao has quite a number of rivals this time. It’ll be tough for her to crack the top three.

Dan Zong shook his head, confident in Dan Xiaoxiao.

Night fell.

Yang Tian wasn’t tired despite the prolonged refining period.  Ever since getting through the transcendent lightning tribulation and consuming two drops of vitality spring water, his qi and blood volume could be compared to a vast ocean.

Many others were busy recovering their cultivation, panting and sweating. Though talented in their own right, seeing those people sit square erased their pride and elitist expressions. Their elders nodded with smiles because, although they didn’t place, they were happy to see them learn to check their egos.

Nobody could figure out what would cause the beasts in the forest to roar as if they were rioting. The primary guess was a Beast Wave. Some doubted it since the last one was only decades ago. Some surmised a treasure appeared in the mountains, and the beasts were fighting for it.

The roars grabbed the attention of the alchemists. Yang Tian opened his eyes. He stole a glimpse of the distance view and then returned to focusing on his furnace.

Dan Zong summoned his divine spear and hurled it. A light from a formation lit up above Pill City, shielding the entire area with a potent energy. Dan Zong smiled as he listened to the gossip. They were absolutely oblivious to how much energy it cost to activate the formation just once.

Sensing the energy, Yang Tian opened his eyes and gazed up at the formation. It was significantly superior to the formation activated inside the palace a few days ago.

Yang Tian before shutting his eyes: I wonder if Uncle Xiao can deploy the formations at Fallen Devils’ Ground at maximum power once he recovers.

The beasts in the forest continued damaging the forest with their belting. Dan Zong exited the formation and searched the forest. He eventually theorised a Demon Sovereign was running amok as he felt a menacing aura from the deepest part of the forest not even he dared to carelessly enter. Worth noting was the forest where the beasts gathered was extremely close to Western Continent!

Everything in the vicinity shattered and quaked as the incredible entity announced its presence.

Dan Zong scrunched his face up due to the ear-splitting pain; even the divine light shield covering the city rippled. He checked the shield and tried to get a long-distance view. The forest suddenly fell quiet. Dan Zong’s tension surged when he saw the sight of the beasts quaking and prostrating themselves to bow. The beasts would only prostrate themselves before a Demon Sovereign.

Pill Valley’s patriarch joined him by his side. The golden mist around dissipated, revealing a rosy face with a morbid look. Eyebrows together, Dan Zong questioned, “Patriarch, could it be a Demon Sovereign?”

“A Demon Sovereign? I don’t think it’s so simple.”

“What? Shall we maximise the formation’s output? This formation will not hold up against this powerful being.”

“I don’t think the adept will attack weak beings. Otherwise, the heavens will punish it. I think somebody or something aggravated it. Let’s wait and see. Organise Pill Concoction Convention.”

“All right.”

If it was a peerless entity rampaging, Pill Valley wouldn’t last a single attack.

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