Almighty – Ch. 262

Concocting Marrow Cleansing Pill

Dan Chen and Dan Xueyi exchanged eye contact, expressing joy with their eyes. Dan Xueyi was still in awe after what Yang Tian pulled yesterday, but that was the extent of it.

Tian Xin flicked his wrist and summoned a black pill furnace onto the ground, dropping it heavily enough to irritate ears. It cracked the stone and sunk down, demonstrating its weight. A savage and intimidating Mutated Beast was carved onto it.

Yang Tian snickered then looked to the high-grade dark-blue furnace in front. The furnace had twinkling star light and an intense flame comparable to raging tides.

Next to First Elder, Dan Zong, was another elder with white hair. He was surprised by the furnace he saw next to Dan Xiaoxiao. He asked, “I never expected you to give the lass your child.”

“Well, she is my granddaughter,” responded First Elder laughing as he stroked his white beard. He seemed very content with yesterday’s results and proud of Dan Xiaoxiao.

The elder with white hair curled his lips. Voice quiet, he asked, “Old Zong, what’s the relationship between her and the boy? Why did she help him?”

“How do you expect me to know?” Dan Zong cast his gaze onto Yang Tian. “He’s a decent kid, nevertheless. I’m hoping his alchemy skills are just as impressive. It would be embarrassing if he lost to Central State and Southern Divine Kingdom.”

“Let’s wait and see then. I hope your ‘precious’ is reliable.”

Yang Tian saw over a dozen Dao Rank furnaces alone. He subtly waved his hand, summoning a fire-red furnace onto the ground. Once the divine markings activated, the furnace discharged a heat wave. The opening almost had a quirk formed.  The name of the fired-red furnace, which was formerly Yang Xiao’s, was Streaming Fire Pill Furnace.

Dan Zong commented, “Interesting pill furnace. Judging from the way it was made, I would surmise it was passed down from ancient times, yet it has to be one of the best furnaces here.”

When Yuan Xia recalled the time he helped nurse her back to health, which was when she saw hundred herb divine liquid, she wondered if he did it on purpose. Think and think, eventually, her cheeks turned red and, therefore, felt relieved she had a face veil on.

The weaker cultivators had to back off roughly thirty kilometres as the rising divine flames’ heat reached them from that distance.

Yang Tian inhaled prior to suffusing his furnace with his qi and blood, growing the furnace to three hundred thirty-three metres tall. The profound divine markings flashed, and the furnace spat flames. Besides permitting intense flames, tall furnaces were also conducive to pill refining endeavours in many ways. Further, the divine markings could heat the liquid better.

Yang Tian wagged his hand, gusting up a wind that removed the lid. Without activating the furnace’s ability, the flame inside was already dozens of metres high and created ripples in the air. He then tossed the flower into the furnace.

Despite Yang Tian’s swiftness, Dan Zong saw the flower. “That was marrow cleansing flower. What pill is he trying to refine?”

The other elder bobbed his head. “It’s not easy to refine that flower, and it’s potent. Ordinary alchemists wouldn’t be able to handle it. I don’t know what he’s trying to refine, either.” Noticing a repulsive fatty, the elder with white hair stated, “It appears we’ll have a two entertaining days.” He glanced over to Wan Teng. He sensed Wan Teng’s tough physique that would easily be among the best. Quietly, he remarked, “Indeed, Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds have also sent someone.”

“Hahaha, it’s a pity Dan Xuan is still in seclusion, or the two of them could compete!”

Marrow cleansing flower glowed as it tried to resist the fire breakers. Divine markings on Streaming Flame Pill Furnace rained down corroding energy. Yang Tian’s refining rate sped up multiple folds. Once a clear drop dripped down, one of the three dragon-shaped flames flew up and doused the herb with a lightning fire.

Yang Tian only had two marrow cleansing flowers. If he failed, it would be exponentially harder. Judging from Ancestral Dragon Ring’s anomaly, Skyfire Pillar’s destination should be where the flame seeds are buried. He was determined to see what was inside for very few things attracted Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Some were covered in ashes and dirt as a result of their failure. Suffice to say, it was a big blow to their confidence.

The flames from the area erased all of the clouds in the sky. Voices were no longer heard from the area below as the audience didn’t want to distract the alchemists.

Nine Yin emerges as Ancestral Dragon does. When Yin and Yang are in harmony, there is no limit to the destruction.

Chaos Statue surpasses past and present. Once complete, its prowess knows no bounds.

He who has the ability to devour the heavens and earth and shake mountains and rivers with a bellow rules heaven and earth!

When the drum from Desolate Domain booms, will it be able to wake the Battle Soul from its slumber?!

Rule the world with an iron fist. Yin Yang divine palms have the might to shake the nine heavens! Who shall fall and who shall rise on these lands?!


Don’t bother trying to make sense of the last five paragraphs. It would be more worrying if you could than if you couldn’t. Just more of the author trying to create “epic” descriptions.

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