Almighty – Ch. 261

Handsome Reward

When the first golden ray shone on the frosty city, it also drove out the clouds. Excited by the thought of so many prodigies convened, young people stayed next to the venue of the convention.

People wanted to see what Heavenly Dao Alliance’s response to yesterday’s utter defeat would be. While some feared Yang Tian, others were eager to fight him. What they were most eager about was where the divine herb was. Plus, a divine herb’s value was worth more than dignity.

Xing Shan knew it was Yuan Xia who intervened yesterday. He, however, wasn’t cognisant of the fact that Pill Valley held her in such high regard. He also didn’t expect she didn’t mind making an enemy out of Heavenly Dao Alliance.

The victors of yesterday’s contest were already sitting in the venue and enjoying all the gazes on them from those ambling into the venue.

The two snickering elders wore their hostility on their sleeves.

Tian Xin was alive and kicking after suffering grievous wounds, leading to speculation he was fed a precious herb. Yang Tian’s absence, to the contrary, raised suspicion he was already assassinated. The inhabitants of the area wanted to slap Heavenly Dao Alliance upside down.

Yun’er stamped her feet and occasionally stared at the phantasmal building. Basically, Yang Tian’s absence concerned her.

Fifteen minutes later, a white light door emerged at the spectral building everyone had their eyes on. Four individuals exited, relieving everyone of tension. Yang Tian glanced over to Yun’er and revealed a consoled smile when he noticed her fretting. Yun’er let out a breath of relief and gave Yang Tian a mischievous smile.

Yuan Xia tracked Yang Tian’s line of sight to see Yun’er. She puffed her cheeks and scrutinised the girl. She was rendered surprised when she noticed Yun’er didn’t leak any of her aura. Upon closer inspection, she noticed she couldn’t determine Yun’er’s cultivation level, either.

Yun’er glanced over to Yuan Xia when she noticed herself being examined. Is she the one who used a substitute puppet to save Brother Yang?

Yuan Xia’s martial technique bore a striking resemblance to the mysterious individual’s technique. For that reason, Yun’er was confident the mysterious individual was Yuan Xia.

Yang Tian looked back and forth between the two girls. He noticed a pair of vengeful eyes on him as he travelled down the steps, so he turned back to simper in retaliation.

The two elders locked on to Yang  Tian.They discerned he didn’t have the divine herb, leading to the conjecture pill valley took it.

Once Yang Tian reached the area, he removed his gaze from his foes. Qin Zuying approached him and inquired about the divine herb’s whereabouts, confusing and annoying Yang Tian.

Yang Tian: Why doesn’t this fellow go start a business?

The outer first elder whooshed into the venue. “First and foremost, congratulations on making it to the Pill Concoction Convention. There are no rules in today’s contest. Prepare your own herbs and formulas. There are no stipulations as to what rank your pill needs to be. Pill Valley will reward the top ten contestants with a rank five pill.

“The top three will receive one rank six pill each in addition to the rank five one. The overall winner will receive a rank seven pill! If they choose to join Pill Valley, they shall be granted the right to choose their own teacher and enrol as a core disciple.”

Being Pill Valley’s core disciple was a notch inferior to being a direct disciple. Still, a core disciple was granted many privileges.

“This contest will run for two days. After the two days are up, your pills will be evaluated based on grade.”

The contestants got to work, summoning high-quality pill cauldrons far superior to the ones revealed yesterday.

Tian Xin sneered as he passed by Yang Tian. “You’re dead in two days. I’d like to see you beat me again.”

“I’ll be waiting. How about another bet?”

Tian Xin stopped in his tracks. He’d most probably be facing harsh punishment for embarrassing the alliance if he didn’t have to participate in the contest.

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