Almighty – Ch. 254

Ethereal White Clothes

Nobody expected the haughty young man, who gloated about defeating Eastern Continent’s invincible individual, would resort to a sneak attack.

Heavenly Dao Alliance’s elders watched the chaos ensue with indifferent gazes. Their gaze was enough to induce shudders.

Meanwhile, Yang Tian had his god-like Chaos Physique sitting in his sea of consciousness summon a sun, stars and booming lightning drum overhead. The Chaos Physique vocalised a command to have Dubhe Divine Sword discharge Sword Aura. The sealed void and environment tried to shake off their shackles. Yang Tian fired the Sword Aura from his forehead, crumbling the void and shaking the mountain under Tian Xin’s feet. Once the Sword Aura made contact, sparks emerged. The Sword Aura nearly pierced the mountain.

Chaos Physique had Dubhe Divine Sword slash waves of Sword Aura with its overwhelming might. They rendered Tian Xin dishevelled. Tian Xin began to cough blood. His life-saving item was destroyed, though.

Chaos Physique took to the air and triggered Dubhe Sword’s ability. It fired Sword Aura from its forehead, parting clouds and splitting rocks!

Tian Xin eventually collapsed. Yang Tian slammed a heavy punch into Tian Xin’s back, sending him reeling. Tian Xin’s body convulsed due to his bones breaking. Yang Tian pursued Tian Xin and palmed him on the chest, inducing nausea.

Tian Xin’s haughty mouth was busy dying the floor red with his blood, necessitating gasps from the audience. Never had he been in such a pathetic state – not to mention in front of a crowd and after his overzealous oath. “Damn you, Yang Tian.”

Yang Tian slapped Tian Xin upside down and bloody.

“Enough!” exclaimed a middle-aged man from Heavenly Dao Alliance, silencing the audience.

Heavenly Dao Alliance was unlikely to let Yang Tian off the hook despite him winning. They wouldn’t insolently exact their vengeance in everyone’s presence, but nobody could put it past them to resort to assassination.

Yang Tian shrugged and headed to the nephrite furnace, leading to people exclaiming. “Don’t!”

The middle-aged man rose to his feet. “Don’t you dare!”

An elder tacitly gave the man permission to violate the rule with a subtle nod. Attack he did. He dove down from above, closing a gap of over thirty-three kilometres in the blink of an eye. He dove so explosively he cracked the void.

Although enraged, the young ones didn’t dare to stop the attack. Yun’er clenched her fists and prepared to intervene. Nonetheless, somebody pressed a hand on her shoulder and calmly whispered, “Don’t worry. Pill Valley will intervene.”

“Insolence!” roared Pill Valley’s outer first elder.

The outer first elder’s muscles contracted loudly as he fired a golden ray from his eyes, piercing the void. He readied himself for combat with his spear. He suddenly stopped in his tracks as he went to move.

Elder Dan, who had pink clouds coiling around him, was as perplexed as if he saw the sun rise from the West. He muttered under his breath, “Why is she getting involved?”

A large black hand in the sky encroached upon Yang Tian from above. Ancestral Dragon Ring rioted. It wanted to kill the incoming attacker; however, he calmed it down, putting his fate in the hands of Pill Valley.

A pentachromic burst of beautiful light came down and ripped the hand. The man was rendered dumbstruck. The black hand headed up to the high heavens.

Yuan Xia blasted a pentachromic phoenix from her hand. The phoenix’s cries parted the clouds and shook the palace. Every time it flapped its wings, the sky and earth cried, almost robbing the young one’s below of their hearing. The phoenix fired a pentachromic flame form its nose and mouth, burning half of the firmament.

Elder Dan was occupied with trying to make sense of her relationship with Yang Tian. Given that she went for a fatal blow from the beginning, it was obvious they weren’t just ordinary friends.

Yang Ba zipped out in front of Yang Tian and peered up at the two engaged in combat. Meanwhile, Yang Tian got his hands on the nephrite cauldron!

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