Almighty – Ch. 253

Sending Him on His Way with One Slap

Tian Xin accumulated energy as he stepped forward, striding arrogantly as though he was stomping on Yang Tian. “I heard an invincible individual appeared on Eastern Continent. I’ll be stepping on him on my way up sooner or later. You’re just more fodder to kill on the way.”

Fist glowing a sinister black, Tian Xin swung a punch toward Yang Tian’s dome. Hand glowing pristine crimson, Yang Tian palmed back toward the fist without holding back.

Thunder boomed despite the clear weather, shaking the structures around. Once the dust settled, Tian Xin’s palm was visibly bleeding. He compared the impact to hitting an impregnable wall that caused his bones to shudder. Yang Tian was still standing at the point of contact. That was the power of someone who was reborn three times.

Humiliated, Tian Xin charged forth as he prepared another black-mist heavy punch. He utilised a secret technique to enhance his output by several folds. Yang Tian repeated his last technique again, except he utilised an ability that generated energy gales this time. Their ear-splitting clash cracked the void, hauled rocks, stones and everything in between into the air. Yang Tian proceeded to smack TIan Xin’s attack dozens more time, taking the damage to the firmament and rearranging the area.

Yang Tian smacked Tian Xin flying dozens of metres away. Tian Xin landed heavily on the ground, coughed blood and his face was swollen red.

The patriarch of Pill Valley, who was inside the palace, quietly commented with a surprised undertone, “Perhaps Elder Rong would be interested in his tough physique.”

The girls in leather wore barbaric expressions as they scanned Yang Tian’s body. Dan Chen revealed his Fighting Spirit and overwhelming aura. He was so eager to fight Yang Tian his Fighting Spirit leaked. Heavenly Dao Alliance’s elders cracked their cups as they scowled.

Yuan Xia: “Why would you stand out? Let’s see you clean up now.”

Yang Tian shrugged and clenched his numb hands. “How lame, weakling. Do you even practice?” Yang Tian surprised himself with his exponential strength increase in Transcendent Realm after his perfect victory.

Tian Xin didn’t get up, leading to speculation he was dead, though someone was certain Tian Xin was feigning death to avoid embarrassment.

Yang Tian waited but didn’t get a response. He, consequently, snickered and strode over to the nephrite furnace.

Suddenly, Tian Xin bound over and summoned a large mountain overhead with his immense energy. The mountain moved the void and moved as if it was a real mountain.

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