Almighty – Ch. 252

Love for Gambling

Everyone was aware Pill Valley couldn’t just jump into a fight between the groups if it legitimately broke out. Yuan Xia wasn’t pleased with Heavenly Dao Alliance’s attitude.

Yang Tian raised an eyebrow. “You have a problem?”

Tian Xin: “You people from Eastern Continent sure are haughty. You’re weaklings, yet you never stop flapping your gums. I’m going to make an example out of you!”

Pill City’s citizens, who practiced ancient customs and habits, glared at Tian Xin as though they were glaring aggressively at their prey.

Although it was true Eastern Continent was the weakest among them all, juniors had no place insulting them. Eastern Continent focused primarily on Combat Aura cultivation in regards to all things cultivation. Perhaps cultivating their pride was equally relevant. Wan Teng’s ego was as inflated as his might and name. Imagine him taking the insult lying down.

Yang Tian gave Tian Xin a head shake. “You must be under the influence.” Yang Tian’s confidence came from his faith in his own abilities – his Invincible Will to be specific. He could push anyone in his age bracket around with it. He, therefore, had no reason to hide his disdain.

The masses loudly acknowledged Yang Tian’s killer insult. Others hurled more insults.

Tian Xin didn’t take the insults well. He savagely tugged up the corner of his lips when he detected an elder had no intention of meddling. He pointed at Yang Tian as if he was the lord presiding over the continent. “You have the guts to fight me?! If you want to admit defeat now, crawl under my legs, and I shall spare your sorry behind.”

Dan Qu’s father glared. “You know him?”

Dan Qu: “Hehe, he’s my friend.”

Yang Tian: “Hahaha, what if you lose?”

Tian Xin: “Hahaha, me lose to you jokes from the East?”

Yang Tian: “I heard your group bought a divine herb. You can give me that after you lose.”

Tian Xin was ticked off. He was confident in his own skills, but a divine herb… it was out of his control, leading to hesitation taking root.

“Impressive courage, young man. If it’s a bet you want, Heavenly Dao Alliance shall go along with it,” declared an elder, summoning a small nephrite furnace into the venue.

A fragmented rank eight herb was still invaluable despite being fragmented.

Tian Xin: “If we’re staking our divine herb, you should stake your life!”

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