Almighty – Ch. 250

Rejuvenation Pill

The remaining nine hundred contestants were given the tall order of refining a rank three pill mainly due to it being extremely difficult for those who only just started as alchemists.

Yang Tian: Rejuvenation Pill isn’t a hard healing pill to refine. Still, Pill Valley sure has high demands. I guess there’s a reason they’re an ancient clan.

The petite and dainty girl passed Yang Tian about ten herbs. “Young Master, these herbs are yours.”

“Thank you,” replied Yang Tian, nodding and taking the herbs.

Unlike popular opinion, Yang Tian had a 70% – 80% chance of refining a low-grade pill  rank three pill.

Seeing Yang Tian’s friendly demeanour, the young girl cheered, “Do your best, Young Master!”


Contestants prepared to begin refining. The maids left the contest zone for there was risk of being sliced in half during the contest.

Yang Tian scrutinised the rejuvenation pill and visualised the refinement scene. Yang Xiao taught him that visualisation of the process helped reduce the risk of failure.

Those who hid their true abilities brought out their furnace since they were dealing with a rank three pill. Other contestants began, making the most of every second, as ten hours was hardly any time for the task. It would be difficult to start again if they failed once. Yang Tian caught attention again because he just sat there unmoving, yet entered some sort of strange mode that made the area around him glow.


The individual at the top of the palace was an individual shrouded in smoke. Observing Yang Tian, he remarked, “What a surprise to see someone employ the method of deduction in this era.”

One of the two Pill Dao Alliance’s elders next to the phantasmal one laughed. “Indeed, it’s rarely seen now. He’s an interesting fellow. Pill Valley’s Inheritance fell out of favour after dozens of thousands of years. Pill Valley only has fragments of the method now. The kid has the luck of the devil to possess Lightning Source. Look at his flame control technique. It reminds me of the mystic’s exclusive flame control technique in ancient times.”

The phantasmal elder was able to tell what Yang Tian’s flame control technique and concealment technique were. Skilled as he might’ve been, An Autarch Realm adept could see through everything.

The elder hiding in the clouds didn’t notice Yang Tian’s disguise until he concentrated. “Is he a criminal or something to be hiding? Qi and nlood as ferocious as a dragon. A tough body. Interesting kid. Could he be the notorious Yang Tian?”

An elder in white’s mouth twitched. “Old Dan, was yesterday’s assailant a devil?”

The ethereal elder shook his head. “I’m not sure. The aura was very similar to what’s record, however. They’re definitely still alive. That’s for sure. The devils sealed at Pill Flame Domain haven’t been destroyed, which illustrates how strong their life force is.”

“If it was them, are they after the confined devils underneath Pill Flame Domain?”

“Flame Ancestor is at Pill Flame Valley. Unless they could wake a True Devil, they can forget it,” stated Elder Dan, snickering.

Another elder laughed. “Given his abilities, he could restrain them. We can rest assured, then.”


Ten minutes in, Yang Tian opened his eyes once he finished the last step in his mind. He quickly caught on to the bewildered gazes on him – a result of him using an ancient method. He smirked, then hurriedly opened his furnace and tossed the rejuvenation herbs in. Sparks flew as crimson light wreathed. Yang Tian performed hand seals diligently as per Yang Xiao’s teachings.

Meng Yunxi: Why does he like standing out so much?

Yun’er: Brother Yang is so amazing!

The purple flame was on the herb. Yang Tian already managed to produce liquid. He shut his eyes and unleashed his divine soul energy, which could finally scout a radius of kilometres.

The first rejuvenation herb took him ten minutes. Yang Tian’s speed rivalled Dan Chen and Tian Xin. However, his furnace couldn’t. Their furnace was bound to be a lot hotter. Next, he threw the next herb in and slowly refined it.

Elder Dan attributed Yang Tian’s ability to absorb lightning to his Lightning Source. He was sure Yang Tian had a shifu since he was so proficient with flame control at his age. Most importantly, he entered Fallen Devils’ Grounds.

An explosion suddenly woke Yang Tian. A young man was on fire as a consequence of his furnace blowing up.

Yang Tian: “Haha, what an unlucky bugger.”

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