Almighty – Ch. 243

Autarch Realm Cultivators’ Fight

A powerful individual in the Autarch Realms appeared in the glow while everyone was in discussion. His golden glow stretched so far he looked as though he stood in a golden sea.  The elder who arrived had lived for countless years and rarely made appearances anymore. He was the cornerstone of Pill Sect – their patriarch.

The adept in the air paused his assault. The mysterious bell wobbled down, only to expand, covering the firmament. The patriarch opened his eyes, beaming two golden rays. The bell’s shaking sounded akin to cries as the beams made impact, generated sparks and shook the palace. The patriarch’s beams fired the bell into the void. He then left the palace and moved into the firmament to avoid killing everyone inside the palace.

The outer first elder flicked his divine spear and led their adepts into the void. He activated the killing formations and reinforced them with qi and blood to pierce the firmament.

The city shook. The world turned on its head. There wasn’t anything that wasn’t quaking. People bled from their nose and mouth. Looking directly at them would cause one’s eyes to bleed. That was the scale of Autarch Realm cultivators’ fight.

Gold lights burst and lit up the dark dome. Formations broke under the might of their auras. All the adepts at Pill Valley joined hands and leveraged the killing formations to attack the bell.

The mysterious assailant was put on the defence. Howbeit, as he brayed, he summoned a huge hand in the void to smash it apart and go for an elder. The patriarch let him know he was being insolent and cracked the hand and void with a punch.

The mysterious assailant awakened his bell, releasing its mysterious energy and divine glow ray by ray, shrouding the void in darkness and summoning an anomaly. He was insane enough to try and take the entire city, inhabitants included, with him.

The patriarch powered up to activate the city’s big formation’s ability. As a result, hundreds of waves in the sky above the city spread out to cover it, seemingly creating a second sky. The bell descended, tearing through said second sky as if a mountain was dropped. The patriarch snickered and fired two thick divine beams from his eyes.  The entire city felt the impact of the beam piercing the bell. A crack surfaced on the huge bell.

The patriarch’s ability to talk was even superior to his might. “How delusional must an adept who just ascended to Autarch Realm be to run rampant at Pill Valley?”

Though the assailant didn’t respond, the shaky void was his expression of rage. He slammed a hand down, damaging the earth without even touching it.

The patriarch belted, obliterating the hand and imploding the bell. He then laughed and fired golden beams from his eyes again.

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