Almighty – Ch. 244

End of the Big Fight

The patriarch locked on to an individual in the void and fired toward him, piercing the void. The assailant released a black mist from the other side of the void.  A scarlet eye the size of a fist made an appearance. The devilish assailant fired a light beam toward the patriarch’s eye.

Outer First Elder dropped his spear and fired a golden light from his body, shielding the people below.

A levitating girl in white frowned and muttered, “Devil qi. It’s slightly different to what’s in the records.”

The assailant fired a blood-red, ocean-sized blast at Pill City. The patriarch immediately absorbed vital essence and blasted the massive blast out of existence with his golden beams. The patriarch was relaxed in the killing formations. Outer First Elder roared as he released a qi and blood dragon to protect his clansmen below.

The assailant roared back as he released his black mist from his body, petrifying the people of the city. However, what shocked everyone was the patriarch vanishing from the void and restoring the damaged areas to their original shape. Angry, the patriarch palmed the air, generating subtle ripples. Although it wasn’t a strong attack, it was a large-scale technique, evident from the city’s void shattering. The evil aura seeped out of the void, but the force of his attack powered through into the devilish mist.

The assailant fled, leaving behind a bloody finger that turned to ashes as it fell from the sky. The patriarch wasted no time cracking the void with a small step and vanishing out of sight.

The palace was in ruins. Hence, many left without hesitation. Those who remained were those who could defend themselves. People who took shelter in the city came out. Many adepts from Pill Valley died in the scuffle. Thanks to Pill Valley’s adepts, many lives were saved, nevertheless.

Outer First Elder’s aura was still there, but his bloody arm barely felt there. He searched the entire palace with his divine soul energy before easing up.

Yang Tian sat back in his chair. His eyes ached due to exposure of the divine light. Still, he was inspired after watching the incredible battle.

Yang Tian: I wonder what those in higher realms are capable of if an Autarch Realm has an ability to destroy the world.

The auction turned into a show of smoke and dust. The good news was they managed to reorganise and bring things under control again.

The divine herb wasn’t sold yet; the owner of it was understandably mad. Blood still trickled from his arm that was almost lopped off. He resentfully entered his room.

The Battle Emperor who died was friends with the elder, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. Since he had his forehead pierced, his divine soul was nearly obliterated.

“Esteemed guests, the auction will proceed as usual.” Everyone could detect the angry undertone in the elder’s voice even though he softly said, “This herb will be auctioned as a rank seven herb for a high price.”

Nobody was certain if devils had returned since nobody knew every discipline under the sun.

In a soothing voice, a maiden declared, “One rank seven dragon transformation pill, plus one rank seven demon transformation pill.”

Yang Tian stretched his eyes and quickly shifted his gaze to the top. He was certain the voice belonged to Yuan Xia. .

The human divine herb cried and shed tears, apparently knowing their future.

Pill Dao Alliance two elders were adamant. Expanding one’s lifespan would be pivotal in ensuring their group’s longevity. “Three rank seven pills!”

Pill Valley’s first elder finally stopped his bleeding, but his life force was weak. “Four pills!”

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