Almighty – Ch. 242

Fight for the Divine Herb

The mighty bell got through a corner of the formation, shaking the palace and nearly collapsing it. Many people keeled over, and some were shattered by the bell’s aura. The entire venue, including the top floors, was plunged into a state of anarchy. The palace’s formations had to work on overdrive to cover the entire palace.

The bell’s next ring generated ripples and blew a hole in the formation. The only reason the palace didn’t crumble on the first attack before any adept stepped in was attributed to the formations guarding the venue.

The mysterious bell rang yet again, glowing and extending the shaking the entirety of Pill City, forcing the adepts to defend against it with all their might.

Age was only a number to the Almighty, spear-wielding outer elder, yet all the bell did was absorb heaven and earth essence while letting the elder attack it.

From the third floor, Yang Tian noticed the formations on all sides stopped the aura from causing him any harm. He wondered why the owner of the bell didn’t retaliate. It almost seemed as though they could be awaiting something. Yang Ba, in the meantime, stopped the energy around using his pentachromic spear.

The mysterious adept ran out of patience and spawned a big jet-black hand. The first thought that came to mind when Yang Tian witnessed the hand and mist was the possibility of the intruder being a devil. The aura was unbelievably sinister. In fact, it could invade one’s mind. That said, it didn’t resemble the aura at Fallen Devils’ Grounds. Then again, Ancestral Dragon Ring’s abnormal reaction supported the theory.

Dan Qu’s father scowled. He knew a tad about the devils; however, big clans were tasked with containing the devils. If the devils came to Pill Valley, that was thought provoking – not to mention the flamboyant manner in which they arrived.

The black hand hovered in the air for a while before it caught the elder’s divine spear, stunning him. The elder planned to run, but the hand suddenly thrust the spear toward his chest! As the spear whooshed through the air, the elder’s hairs stood up, and he immediately turned his body to evade. Unfortunately, the spear he used to impale others impaled his arm and pinned him to the wall. Had he reacted any slower, he’d already be dead.

People wanted to run before Pill Valley’s adepts showed up and started blowing the place up.

“Hargh!” thundered Pill Valley’s first elder, hair fluttering as he announced his comeback after many years.

Once Pill Valley’s adepts present joined the fray, dozens of Battle Emperor adepts levitated up and combined their might to activate a large scale formation, summoning a colossal qi and blood dragon. Said dragon caused the palace to tremble with each attack it landed on the mysterious bell.

The hand shrouded in black mist performed a simple poke, piercing an elder’s skull from the front, blowing his body apart and scaring people.

The bell rang loud enough to leave a big crack in the palace and bring rubble down. The entire palace quaked. The black hand extended toward the divine herb.

“You think you can just waltz off with this old one’s property?!”

The old owner of the herb stepped out. He glowed comparably to the sun, thereby hiding his appearance.

The mysterious assailant punched with tremendous might, yet the punch was denied an inch. The fist turned to stone and rained down as stone chips. The adept couldn’t move. Some sort of powerful aura confined him in the void and evoked fear in him.

“Hahaha, what audacity.” He shook the entire palace with his aura and glowing golden from above.  The golden glow almost brought people to their knees. Like a golden lightning bolt, he pierced the black hand.

Qing Yuan: “My guess is he’s Pill Valley’s adept. I guess the heist has reached even them.”

Although Pill Valley kept to themselves, they were home to many elites.

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