Almighty – Ch. 239

Black Devil

The weapon refiner on the fourth floor frowned. Three thousand bloodstones exceeded his budge, and Qing Yuan’s increases were big enough to suggest he needed it. In the end, Qing Yuan bought it for three thousand high-grade bloodstones. As such, the auction moved onto the next item. Unfortunately, the rank five divine soul herbs that Yang Tian looked forward to never appeared.

Upon hearing a knock at the door, Yang Tian opened up to see Qing Yuan.

“You’re finally here,” remarked Qing Yuan, checking for tailgaters despite his excitement. “He is…”

“He’s my brother, Yang Ba,” introduced Yang Tian.

Hands in a palm and fist salute, Qing Yuan conveyed, “Pleased to meet you, Big Brother Yang.”

“Haha, don’t worry about the pleasantries.” Yang Ba heard of Qing Yuan and how he helped Yang Tian on their way over.

The three engaged in idle chatter for a brief while. Qing Yuan presented the sword fragment. “See if this is right. If it is, damn.”

“Let me try.” Yang Tian took the blade.

When Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dagon Ring, the energy around stirred in response to another energy. When he tensed up, the two parts of the sword vanished. Technically, as the ancient qi roiled, they escaped his hands and spun in the void. As a result, they generated an energy whirlpool and fitted together on their own.

The gales slashed the herbs around, figuratively breaking Yang Tian’s heart. Nonetheless, an afterglow light shone onto the herbs and steadied them as they were about to thrash around. The energy exuded was powerful enough to wake Xiaobai, who often slept recently in exchange for brighter golden fur on his forehead.

The sword fused where it was cracked. Once complete, it released an ear-splitting howl. It glowed black similarly to a black sun. Yang Tian could hear its intelligence’s excitement. The sword was all black, sharp and able to puncture a void in one attempt. Its divine glow stretched over thirty kilometres.

Ancestral Dragon Ring whistled from far away to express its displeasure. The sword retracted its glow and aura that disturbed the dimension. It was afraid. Yang Tian was delighted to know it acknowledged him as its master. When he tried to pick it up, though, he discovered it was as stupendously heavy. Think about it: he was renowned for possessing tremendous brute strength, yet his bones struggled against its weight.

Yang Tian was able to emulate the sound of a sword being unsheathed and cracked the void with a gentle shake. A few swings tired him out. He then stroked the blade. He enunciated two black characters, which was the name of the sword, he saw on the sword: “Black Devil.”

Without holding back whatsoever, Yang Tian imbued the sword with his qi and blood, which lit up the dull sword and manifested its mysterious energy. A qi breaker discharged from the sword. The massive aura that formed seemed as though it was the void’s energy because it drew energy from the void. If he used said ability, he would deplete all of his energy. Even Xiaobai, who was startled, could sense that the qi discharged could flatten a big mountain.

Once the accumulated energy showed signs of bursting, it resembled a big breaker that swiftly vanished. Yang Tian’s qi and blood and Black Devil’s imposing aura generated a big gale that spread throughout the void and shook the firmament.

The sword concealed its might very well; it was hard to notice its lethalness without triggering its ability.

Yang Tian regathered himself and returned to his physical body. He touched his head when he saw the two stunned individuals.

Qing Yuan leaned his chubby cheeks in. “So, was it the missing fragment?!”

“It is.” Yang Tian didn’t show them the sword in case some freak noticed it. Who was to say they wouldn’t try to steal it at the company? He quietly warned, “Be wary of eavesdroppers. Let’s leave it at that for now.”

The two nodded, concurring with Yang Tian’s warning.

Yang Tian gave Qing Yuan a fist-sized premium-grade bloodstone. The latter accepted it with a laugh.

It was finally time for herbs to be offered. They started with rank four divine soul herbs; those didn’t interest Yang Tian.

“We will now be auctioning a rare rank five herb an adept asked us to auction,” the host announced.

When the silk was removed, people were most interested in the extinct, potent, glistening golden dragon beard herb.

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