Almighty – Ch. 238

Contention for the Sword Fragment

Coincidentally, Yang Tian noticed the sword fragment auctioned was the other half of his broken sword. A complete Celestial Weapon was priceless and would be the best tier weapon on the continent in the current era where few divine items existed.

“What’s the matter, Tian?”

No outsiders present meant Yang Tian had no qualms. “It’s a Celestial Weapon.”

“I know. It’s a fragmented Celestial Weapon. It’s too fragmented, unfortunately. The seal was better. This one won’t be of much use.”

“The other fragment is with me. If I can get that piece, I’ll have a complete weapon!”

“It’s with you?! You absolutely positive?”

“As positive as can be.”

“We must get our hands on it, then.”

Xing Hao narrowed his eyes and stared intently at the black blade. “That’s…”

“Haha, it’s a fragmented Celestial Weapon, but who’s to say one can’t collect all the pieces?” commented the elder, goading them in. The people below reckoned the elder was talking out of his rear end given the size of the continent. Howbeit, the elder just laughed it off, confident people would be interested in the priceless weapon.

“I offer five hundred high-grade bloodstones.”

“Six hundred.”

Weapon refiners began to join the bidding. It might’ve lost most of its potential, but the fragment wasn’t cheap. Master weapon refiners would still be able to derive many things from the fragment, increase their skills with weapon refinement, and, for all they know, there could’ve been ancient divine markings.

Yang Tian had a total of seven hundred high-grade bloodstones, which was far from enough. His premium-grade bloodstones shocked the elder; if he brought them out, he’d raise suspicion and put himself in trouble.

The middle-aged man on the fourth floor noticed Dan Qu’s unease. “Brat, what’s your issue?”

“N-nothing.” Dan Qu forced a smile.

Before turning his attention back to the auction, the man scoffed, “Behave yourself.”

Shangguan Hao enjoyed Dan Qu being admonished but had to resist the urge to laugh.

The price already reached one thousand and five hundred high-grade bloodstones.

“Screw it. I can’t let anyone else get it!” Yang Tian declared, “Two thousand high-grade bloodstones!”

From another room, Yun’er twirled her hair and exchanged eye contact with Xing Hao to avoid anyone winning the bid.

An elder on the fourth floor said, “Quite the generous spender, aren’t you, young one? This old one offers two thousand and one hundred.”

Before Yang Tian could utter another word someone declared, “Two thousand and five hundred high-grade bloodstones. Do we have a higher bid?”

People around Qing Yuan looked at him as though he was on something. Yang Tian, on the other hand, was relaxed, as he recognised the voice belonged to Qing Yuan.

“This old one offers two thousand and six hundred.”

“Three thousand, do we have any higher bids?’

Still silence for the offer exceeded its worth.

Two elders behind Qing Yuan started to feel concerned enough to speak up. “Your Highness, you cannot raise the price any higher. You must save your bloodstones for the final item.”

Qing Rufeng frowned. “What do you want that for?”

Qing Yuan: “I know what I’m doing, haha.”

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