Almighty – Ch. 240

Soul Refinement Pill

The palm-sized herb’s appearance appeared to have just been plucked and lost some of its contents.

“It’s dragon beard!”

Dragon beard herb was an herb capable of strengthening one’s body and soul as well as benefiting some Mutated Beasts. In exchange, it was the most expensive herb on offer.

“Rank six three-leaf divine flower.”

“Our guest requests rank five divine soul herbs in exchange for this herb. It will be yours if you can offer three divine soul herbs. I don’t think I need to promote dragon beard herb’s benefits, do I? Whoever can offer three herbs will win it.”

“… Add a fourth rank divine soul herb!”

Everyone cast their gazes to the top floor.

Another individual from the top floor declared, “I’m keen. I want to exchange my herbs for it, too.”

A young man in white frowned; even the girl next to him frowned. The contender was obviously challenging Pill Dao Alliance.

The elder heard hostility. Therefore, he laughed. “Does anyone have a higher bid?’

“Two rank four herbs.”

“Three rank four herbs.”

The raise in price led to the young man in white clenching his fist. The elder next to him stopped him. That irritated Yang Tian because there was room for more.

The young man in white stated, “Uncle De, why aren’t we bidding for it? The herb is rare and can refine one’s body!”

Smiling, Uncle De tossed the young man a jade slip. “Look at what they’ll auction in a bit. See for yourself.”

The young man finally realised what Uncle De was thinking when he scanned the jade slip with his divine soul energy. “I did not know they had premium-grade bloodstones.”

“Exactly. Not even the clan has many, so hang onto the divine soul herbs.”

Premium-grade bloodstones were offered next.

When over a dozen premium-grade bloodstones were presented, the atmosphere reached its climax.

“All of these premium-grade bloodstones are to be exchanged with divine soul herbs. There is no starting price!”

“Five rank five herbs!” declared someone from the top floor, going straight to absurd lengths.



“This old one offers ten!”

The room was where Pill Valley’s members were seated. Presumably, then, their adepts didn’t want to miss out. The three fist-sized premium-grade bloodstones were absolutely worth an enormous sum.

The other two rooms fell silent once Pill Valley declared their price. The disadvantage of not being a local was being unable to bring along a lot of rare treasures.

Meng Yunxi, who was on the fourth floor, exchanged eye contact with Meng Hao. She leaned back into her chair and sighed. “I thought we’d be able to win them, but Pill Valley has expressed interest.”

Meng Hao looked disappointed. “Yeah, that’s a lot of premium-grade bloodstones.”

Meng Lie’s eye twitched. He murkily swept his eye over to a young individual by the side and exhaled. “It’s a pity we don’t have money.”

The sighing left the two elders by the side speechless. The powerful young man, on the other hand, was gleeful. He blurted, “I offer one rank six divine soul herb!”

The young man was smug when he saw the stupefied expressions around. He was even smugger when he looked to Meng Yunxi.

“Who’s that wastrel? Does he have any idea what he just offered?” Qing Yuan widened his eyes. One rank six herb could be exchanged for a rank seven herb. He looked over to the box where the voice came from and remarked, “I think that was someone from Meng Clan.”

Yang Tian recalled the individual who caught his attention before. Based on his analysis, it was unlikely the two elders would be so bold. He, therefore, concluded the young man made the bid.

While Meng Yunxi and Meng Hao exchanged eye contact with a joyous demeanour, Meng Lie used the gesture to speculate that they were related to the company’s recent sale of a lot of divine soul herbs. He was also eager for the deal to go through as he was confident Wan Teng, the powerful young man, would give Meng Yunxi the premium-grade bloodstones. Meng Lie wanted a cut.

Pill Valley’s elder demonstrated the group’s wealth. “That’s very bold of you, young one. This old one shall offer a rank six divine soul herb in addition to three rank five herbs!”

Wan Teng looked around with his eyebrows together. Once he noticed Meng Yunxi’s disappointment, he conducted a quick calculation. He only had one rank six divine soul herb. Asking for a loan was not something his ego would permit.

The elder in the palace pursed his lips into a smile. “If there are no more bids, I will announce that the final bid.”

“Wait,” anxiously called Wan Teng. He couldn’t afford to show weakness upon his first meeting with Meng Yunxi. “I’ll add a soul refinement pill!”

The combo Wan Teng offered was perfect for assisting its consumer into ascending to Soul Tempering Realm.

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