Almighty – Ch. 237

Half a Sword

A maiden greeted the Yang Brothers moment she saw him come over, demonstrating her perceptive skills. “Esteemed guests, may I help you?”

“Yes.” Yang Tian showed her the VIP token he received from the elder. The token indicated his item was either worthy of being the encore or he was an Almighty adept. “Take me to the auction location.”

“Esteemed guests, this way please.”

Most of the maids were at Warrior Realm; there were even a few Profound Connection Realm maids.

The purple passageway he passed through to reach a big, yet packed, palace was constructed with a lot of money, catching Yang Tian by surprise. The girl led the brothers to a room on the third floor, where they had a full and clear view of the ground floor. Anyone on the fourth floor was extremely formidable as an adept.

Yang Ba found Yang Tian’s surprise amusing. “Eastern Continent isn’t just billions of square kilometres. What’s so surprising about this number of cultivators? The big cities at the imperial capital are what you call big.”

Cultivators were people who put themselves through an arduous endeavour. Perhaps only omnipotent people could see everything to concentrate all their efforts on the arduous journey.  For example, Yang Tian met Xiaobai’s parents living in seclusion at a forest. They were skilled enough to create a dimension, a feat not even Almighty cultivators in ancient times could accomplish. Yang Tian hadn’t met anyone who could rival them yet.

Xing Hao looked around for Yang Tian. He only received his Inheritance from his sect not long ago, so his cultivation wasn’t steady yet. As such, he kept emitting a violent energy.  Because of his aura, his eyes were bright.

Yang Tian narrowed his eyes on Qin Shi. Yang Tian sensed that Qin Shi had ascended to Battle King in less than half a year. Then, he continued looking around to sense that there were even big wigs among the adepts. Said individuals headed up to the fifth floor.

Eventually, Yang Tian spotted Dan Qu in white. Next to Dan Qu was a burly middle-aged man seven foot tall. Dan Qu’s fearful demeanour and behaviour of hiding behind the man led to Yang Tian speculating the man was Dan Qu’s father.

Yang Tian was elated to see so many big names make an appearance because the more there were, the more his premium-grade bloodstones would fetch. Plus, they were bound to have an abundance of herbs.

Upon noticing a Battle Emperor Realm cultivator with Meng Clan, Yang Tian wondered who he was. Said young man was dressed in green and beamed small golden swords from his eyes. Perhaps he possessed a divine body, thought Yang Tian. There was a divine aura about him that could be utilised as a weapon to pressure his opponents into submission. Meng Hao, in particular, was vengeful toward him. Only the two elders on either side of him seemed to be friendly with him. He occasionally had a word with Meng Yunxi; however, she always frowned when he tried speaking to her.

All eyes turned to an elder came out from the hall in front. With composure, he stated, “Welcome to Pill Valley’s auction, Esteemed Guests.”

A refined sixteen-year old maiden stepped up to the platform in the purple and gold carved background. She placed the item to be auctioned up. The initial items were all formidable weapons. One of them came from ancient times and sold for two million mid-grade bloodstones.

“I’m sure everyone here will be interested in the fourth item.” The maiden came up with a large ancient seal. The flowers, birds, fish and bugs on the seal in question seemed alive, but there was a crack in one corner. Despite the crack, it was a Celestial Weapon with an aura resembling the aura of Yang Tian’s Broken Sword. Although damaged, the weapon’s ability was intact, thereby making it much superior to a Peak Dao Weapon. To add, it came from ancient times, giving its owner the potential to unearth a lot of they scrutinised it.

The guests below grumbled on and on about why a broken seal was offered since it didn’t emit any aura. The elder deliberately shrouded it in mystery, much to their chagrin. “Hahaha, this is a powerful weapon. It might be damaged, but it’s incredible.”

“One thousand high-grade bloodstones!”

“One thousand and five hundred.”

“Two thousand!”

The seal eventually sold for an exorbitant thirteen thousand high-grade bloodstones.

“Haha, don’t worry if you didn’t get it, for we have a fragment of a Celestial weapon!” His calm voice incited a deafening response.

The maiden leisurely stepped up again. She had an item wrapped in red silk, giving it a mysterious air. The elder took it from her and removed the silk, revealing a black sword with a sharp edge.

Yang Tian was almost ready to run off with the weapon in spite of it only being half of a Celestial Weapon.


I know the author’s definition of “cultivators” isn’t consistent, but it is what it is.

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