Almighty – Ch. 235

Pill Valley

In a vast domain, with borders so far out of sight, there was a vast primitive forest, Mutated Beasts ubiquitously found and rare beasts in ancient times ruling the domain. In the centre was a massive city that ruled the domain. The black frigid metal of the city walls was akin to arrows to one’s eyes. Its interior was stately, decorated with richly ornamented edifices.

The citizens of the city were rather tough. Horses with scales ran across the city, metal clanging, spears whistling and crying out for battle. The maidens dressed in leather clothing, thereby sticking out like a thorn compared to the majestic buildings around.

Dead centre of the extravagant seat was a formation over three square kilometres. The black magical text inside writhed. The formation released qi despite it being the fourth flash. The formation slowly stopped following half a minute of fluctuation.

The advent of the group that came through attracted attention from everyone. Yang Tian surveyed the people immediately around. They travelled over several thousand kilometres.

An elder began his explanation when he saw the looks of puzzlement. “This is Pill City, an area that allows Pill Valley to connect with the outside world. This is under their jurisdiction.”

The people of the city still maintained practices from ancient times unlike the rest of the world. Nobody dared to set foot in the primitive forests around.

The chattering was cut off owing to the formation lightning up again except several times more wildly than last time, indicating the people came from very far away. Ten minutes later, a group of eight Transcendent Realm teenagers and two elders arrived.

Yang Tian spotted an eighteen year old in white. Next to him was a charming maiden wearing fluttering purple clothing. Yang Tian wanted to fight the young man.

The young man looked back calmly. It came as a surprise to him when he sensed his body’s aura had an urge to escape when their eyes met. The surge of energy only lasted for a split second. Yang Tian pursed his lips into a friendly smile then looked away.

The maiden asked her companion, “What’s the matter?”

With a surprised undertone, he answered, “Sis, he’s an interesting one. He managed to suppress my aura just before.”

Surprised with what she heard, the girl glanced over to Yang Tian, hiding her own aura.

Yang Tian finally noticed they had a quaint and simple pill image on their chest. They were heavyweights in Central State – Pill Dao Alliance.

The formation expanded again. The people from Pill Valley revealed looks of disgust and left. Yang Tian’s Ancestral Dragon Ring began trembling all of a sudden and expressing hostility. Tense, he immediately demanded the ring quieten down whilst shifting his eyes over to the group who arrived.

The group that arrived donned black robes. They appeared to be bright, yet the leader, a middle-aged man, was surprised when he spotted Yang Tian. When Yang Tian noticed the gaze on him, he felt Ancestral Dragon Ring be pinned down.

Yang Tian figuratively blew out a breath of air. The ring’s killing intent targeted the two elders before him and the two quite insidious looking young individuals behind them.

The energetic elder next to the middle-aged man inquired, “What’s the matter?”

“Oldie, something is odd about that kid. He seems to be hiding his aura,” replied the middle-aged man.

“Are you sure?” questioned the elder, voice soft, as he swept his gaze over to Yang Tian. Condescendingly, he added, “We have a big job this time. Let’s get moving. Don’t let such trivial issues waste our time.”

Yang Tian remembered Ancestral Dragon Ring emitted the same hostility at Fallen Devils’ Grounds. As he left, he pondered why Ancestral Dragon Ring reacted to the group in black – Heavenly Dao Alliance.

When the group reached the magnificent area, Yang Tian noticed lots of other young individuals in his age bracket. What stood out was that their body’s qi and blood were tough.

Yang Tian: It appears they still maintain practices from ancient times and emphasise physical cultivation.

Yang Tian’s group continued on without stopping and lodged at an inn.

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