Almighty – Ch. 234

Setting Out to Pill Concoction Convention

Rank four herbs were valuable, but they wouldn’t help Yang Xiao anywhere near enough. Rank five herbs were the people-fight-over type of rare herb that also grew in special environments.

Meng Yunxi didn’t miss Yang Tian’s look of disappointment. She pursed her ample lips and curled her hair. “Yang Tian, let’s go to Pill Valley together in a few days’ time. I’ll be able to help out.”

Yang Tian: “You two are going?”

“Of course. I’m an alchemist. Naturally, Pill Valley invited me. They’ll be holding their auction in ten days’ time. I think you’ll find what you want there. You can make purchases with premium-grade bloodstones there.”

Yun’er lowered her head. “Brother Yang, let’s go together. Yun’er is going.”

“Ugh, we’ll see when the time comes, I guess. I still have things to do; I hope I’ll make it in time,” answered Yang Tian, forcing a smile.

“I see…”

Yang Tian shut the door after the others bid goodbye and went over to sit on the bed. He dove into Ancestral Dragon Ring, taking a fire-red, rank four, divine soul herb with him. “Let’s just give it a try.”

Yang Tian summoned the pill flame from his body and doused the divine soul herb with it, consequently amplifying the energy of the flower. A red layer coating the herb tried to resist the flame. Still, it melted quickly. Melting so many divine soul herbs into liquid was supposed to be a long process, yet Yang Tian only needed an hour to draw a fire-red liquid from the herb.

The liquid turned Yang Xiao into a body of water. When a drop of red elixir dropped onto his divine soul, his divine soul absorbed the potent liquid, putting a smile on Yang Tian’s face. Nevertheless, when he noticed how quick the reaction died down, he was upset.

“I thought it’d be difficult to heal a divine soul. Uncle Xiao’s divine soul’s cultivation is so advanced, tool; I’m going to need to find rare herbs.”

Although it wasn’t able to help Yang Xiao recover much, it delayed his body’s decay rate. Yang Tian continued to go through the insipid refining herbs process non-stop for half a month inside Ancestral Dagon Ring, staying by Yang Xiao’s side. He successfully melted nineteen of twenty herbs. Thanks to those efforts, Yang Xiao’s divine soul was a lot brighter. That said, his aura was incredibly weak.

Yang Tian blew a breath of air. He thumped his tired and stiff arm. He then worried about whether or not Yang Ba got through the tribulation. Before he got to worry too much, the pentachromic herb showed signs of melting, improving his mood. The herb took an entire day to melt.

Yang Tian sniffed all the contents released. As its liquid trickled down, Yang Xiao occasionally glowed. Yang Tian also detected Yang Xiao’s body solidifying, which was great.

Yang Tian released his qi and blood. Flames and lightning bolts refined the ochre herb, increasing its size notably. The more it trickled, the faster Yang Xiao recovered. His body glowed.

Demon Subjugation City suddenly came to life because another lightning tribulation appeared at Falling Clouds Mountain Stream and lasted half a day.


Yang Ba accumulated the liquid. He didn’t break through when refining the Battle King pill. Then, he subjected his energy to ancient qi. A large volume of premium-grade bloodstones tempered his body. He consumed two fist-sized premium-grade bloodstones, doubling his qi. His body changed. He was blessed with an opportunity in the form of his meeting with Lord of Slaughter, which granted him an abundance of resources.

Yang Ba triggered a windfire tribulation, which was more powerful that the last time it made an appearance. With premium-grade bloodstones at his disposal, he had a high probability of succeeding. The tribulation lasted for approximately a day, where peace was returned to the land thereafter.

Yang Ba stood inside the void with overwhelming purple qi and blood. Qi and dragons soared overhead. When he opened his eyes, they had an afterglow colour that made the earth cry as though he was piercing it. When he reappeared before his allies, the void rippled. That was a demonstration of monstrous abilities since Battle Emperor adepts could control voids, while some Almighty cultivators could move them.


The ochre light inside Ancestral Dragon ring gradually vanished. The process lasted for half a day before the herbs completely vanished without a trace. Yang Xiao’s divine splendour gradually returned as a subsequence.

Yang Tian, now with a weak aura, wiped his sweat. “I suppose only rank five herbs will cut it. I probably need a lot, as well.”

The quirk at Falling Clouds Mountain Stream didn’t attract the attention of big clans as the majority of people were on their way to Pill Valley for the convention. Some big clans also wanted to poach.

Yang Ba went to Demon Subjugation City on his own, sporting a different appearance and aura. The tiny amount of qi and blood he oozed was enough for people to fear him. He headed straight to Myriad Auction Company, flashed the token Yang Tian gave him, and a guard led him to Yang Tian’s room.

Yang Tian opened his eyes when he heard the knock on his door. He slowly got off the bed and went to the door. He blinked and scratched his head before quickly opening up. “Big Bro, did you ascend?”

“Haha, I just ascended last night.” Yang Ba was finally capable of fighting ordinary Battle Emperor Fifth Layer cultivators.

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