Almighty – Ch. 227


Yang Tian was relieved the scorching sun didn’t burst. He stopped to think and made up his mind. “Heavens Conqueror Manual Forbidden Art: Devouring Heaven and Earth!”

Yang Tian’s body inflated once he executed the technique shouted. Like a titan with tousling hair, he inhaled the quirks in the void into his body via his nose, gathering all seven. He planned to replace a dimension using his body to form a quirk. His interior was windy. The sun hovered above. The void was bright with stars glimmering. Lightning flashed alongside the stars. A qi and blood dragon roamed the void. At the centre was phantasmal Lightning Drum drumming. He basically created a small world inside his body, with him as the god reigning over it.


Life force in the small world created was powerful. Vital essence swept through to gather from every direction. Dragon after dragon formed from vitality spring water was summoned in the void. The void rumbled explosively as the quirks being refined tried to break free. Yang Tian blasted them using Chaos Light, intensifying their vibrations.

“With Chaos as your foundation, enhance all in existence!” Yang Tian belted at the top of his lungs, suppressing the pain ravaging him. He pulled the wriggling quirks together through sheer willpower. The vitality water’s energy burbled as it formed a mystifying whirlpool spinning violently to take the quirks for a spin.

Yang Tian wrestled with the urge to burst. The Chaos Light resonated with the Chaos Light around once it was plastered to the nearby quirks. Slowly but surely, it pulled the quirks in. The quirks’ struggle against the Chaos Light in the mist started to sound rowdy as waves crashing on the shore. The shockwaves generated eventually slit his skin. The damage started to render him lightheaded.

The small purple dragon opened its eyes and brayed. It nearly shattered Yang Tian’s body and rearranging the landscape. However, its aura and roar was enough to stop the quirks from resisting. As a result, a thick layer of mist was added.

Yang Tian knocked back a drop of vitality spring water to capitalise on the opportunity to progress his quirks by leaps and bounds.

The vital essence true dragon inside Yang Tian healed his wounds and replenished the vital essence in the space. As the energy increased, Chaos Light, a mysterious divine energy and the first quirk in history, chained the quirks closer together.

Balance was gradually restored to Yang Tian’s body. Though unmoving, the energy fluctuation inside him stopped, allowing others to relax, for it was a sign he perhaps survived the perilous journey.

Legendary Yang Tian was completely shrouded in a grey mist. Meanwhile, the quirk overhead shape shifted again. A massive and hazy scroll comparable to mountains and rivers separating the earth appeared. It was covered in mist and lit up with Chaos Light.

Since the nature of the quirk changed, so did the void. Stars emerged in the sky. The illusions inside the void were enhanced. The space was lit crimson. The firmament resembled an ocean. The crimson sea roiled violently. Star light appeared on the waves. Next to the light was Yang Tian’s phantasmal body sitting on Dubhe Star. He discharged Chaos Light, and his small purple and gold sword in his hands imposed its formidable aura. The phantasmal figure activated the killing intent residing in the sword that slashed the void open. What he essentially did was manifest his body inside his quirk.

Yuan Xia: How did he utilise Chaos Light to evolve his manifestation? That makes it almost an indestructible manifestation.

Yang Tian summoned Lightning Drum overhead. Circling around him was a true dragon. His Chaos Figure opened its eyes, beaming a sun and moon at the firmament.  He spat Great Sun out of his mouth. Three-Legged Crow impaled a series of mountains with multiple blasts. Continuing on with his rampage, his small sword slashed a qi and blood true dragon into existence to assault the firmament. As a consequence, stars fell and united as a big star. With it, he bashed a hole in the void.

Yang Tian’s Chaos Light phantasmal figure rose to his feet. Equipped with a solid Invincible Will, he revealed an unknown quirk.

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