Almighty – Ch. 226

Body Akin to a True Dragon

Yang Tian glowed as he sat on the ground. He formed a cluster of clouds wreathing around him, concealing himself in a hazy sight similar to when the world was first formed, oozed a clear scent and quality essence. A long qi and blood dragon on the verge of transforming into a true dragon emerged. It raised its head. Three more close to sporting physical forms emerged and coiled around him. His body transformed into a large drum that played a powerful rhythm that condensed Bloodline and sped up one’s heart rate. His spine began to wriggle, and out came a qi and blood true dragon.

“Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens has reached Skilful Realm!”

A wyrm transforming into a dragon was a huge leap Yang Tian achieved through the consumption of vitality spring water. He then summoned Great Sun and its blistering heat. The divine phantasmal bird, Three-Legged Crow, on the nest above the sun looked more solid than before.

Yang Tian grunted. A huge tornado swept through from his body. Clangs resonated throughout. It sounded as though the entire world was engulfed in war as fighting spirit spread. Lightning Drum outshone everything as it drummed away.

A lethal lightning strike shook the earth. More lightning strikes occurred in unison. Yang Tian emitted star light from his back, forming a region of stars. A bright moon shone down. Inside its light was an illusory mountain, hills, waterfalls and long rivers suspended in the sky – Sun, Moon, Mountain and River Quirk.

Seven great quirks shone in the sky alongside Yang Tian’s resolute conviction. He fired Chaos Light from his nose and mouth. His body and soul grew stronger. After several bouts of purification, every inch on his body contained active energy. His skin was clear, qi and blood were pristine and combat aura surged. There was a dead silver energy inside his body that invaded it similarly to maggots. The vitality spring water cleansed the viscous Chaos Light, recollecting it as a ball in his qihai. The vitality spring water energy exceeded safe levels.

“Why is Bloodline shoving Chaos Light into my body? It must serve a purpose… It’s time to fuse my quirks!”

Yang Tian opened his mouth. Vitality wisps that formed a dragon surged, unleashing a waterfall hundreds of metres long. Vital essence came together to conjure true dragons, giving birth to a quirk as a powerful life force stirred. The vital essence true dragons hopped onto the quirk, while Lightning Drum shone brightly as qi and blood in the air.

Yang Tian illuminated the surroundings. His bones grew more robust. The drum inside boomed loud enough to give the impression it was trying to break out. Vital essence cleansed his body. He leveraged the Chaos Light within him to surpass his limits once again. His vitality emission manifested as a quirk. True dragons emerged from his body to condense a quirk. His hair and clothes fluttered. He silently honed in on the Chaos light. The collected Chao Light showed no signs of dispersing. More confident and determined to pursue his agenda, he uttered, “Chaos Light is a secret energy. I heard it lies outside the domains. If I can control it, man…”

Yang Tian split off a small section of Divine Light and spat it onto Great Sun, shaking and cracking the latter.

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