Almighty – Ch. 228

Chaos Statue

Yang Tian opened the firmament with Dubhe Divine Sword. Great Sun hovered overhead. The crow’s nest was sturdier. The sun and moon protected him as he stood in the stirring river. A flick from Dubhe sword shook the void. Its bright and powerful aura pierced sad void. Chaos Body demonstrated peerless prowess. The sun and moon rotated. He huffed flames from his nose and mouth. With a body shake, lightning struck together, piercing mountains.

Back in the palace, Yang Tian evolved his quirk for a while until he was tired. He couldn’t operate it for too long at his current level. He rubbed his hands, assuming he’d have a cheat weapon if he could get all seven quirks to condense a new weapon. He was thrilled to think he could let his Chaos Body do the fighting henceforth since it was practically invulnerable. Since the body was derived from Chaos Light, he decided to term the quirk “Chaos Statue”!

Yang Tian collected the quirks in the void and opened his eyes. He clenched his fists and gloated as he felt the energy circulating in his body. He had employed vitality water to evolve his quirks to the point they were strong as Battle Emperor’s. Having said that, their abilities were awful in comparison.

“Tian…” called Yang Ba, rushing over to Yang Tian, feeling elated to see his brother back.

“Big Bro,” responded Yang Tian, smiling joyously with red eyes.

Xiaobai hopped onto Yang Tian’s shoulder.

The crowd in black approached the brothers, livening up the atmosphere in the palace.

Kun Hu, who met Yang Ba in City of Chaos and formed a close bond with him, laughed.  “Haha, I never realised our Big Bro had such an overpowered younger brother.”

Yuan Xia: What’s hidden in there?

Yuan Xia swept her gaze over to the dragon-shaped mountains. Her goal in coming to Eastern Continent was located inside Fallen Devils’ Mountain. She engaged in some deliberation before shifting her gaze to Yang Tian. She hesitated for a brief moment, then decided to head out.

When Yang Tian sensed Yang Ba’s energy wreathing around him, he cheerfully asked, “Big Bro, you’re about to ascend, aren’t you?”

Having experienced a big leap in his cultivation, Yang Ba chucked. “I guess so. I think I’m about a month away.”

“Our parents are still alive…”

“They are? Where are they? Where are they now? Where…?”

Yang Tian took out Ancestral Dragon Ring. With his gaze on the divine souls shining on the ring, he elucidated, “This is their divine souls’ energy. As long as the divine souls on here remain, they are still alive.”

“This is Ancestral Dragon Ring…”

The familiar divine souls on the ring helped ease Yang Ba’s tension.

“It’s acknowledged me as its master. I obtained my cultivation method from it.”

Yang Ba’s eyes widened in response to Yang Tian’s reveal. When the former was sixteen, he failed in his attempt to get the ring to acknowledge him. He saw his father’s melancholy at the time. That told him the ring wasn’t a run-of-the-mill ring.

“Do you know where they are at the moment?”

“I don’t. Back then…”  Yang Tian proceeded to recount the events in the past, including the history of devils. All of the information, including their bloodline’s history, was news to him. He didn’t know their clan’s history went back that far.

Yang Ba’s Bloodline potency was dreadful to be frank. Nevertheless, the fact that it was still enough to rival the sacred grounds’ was enough to prove his clan once shone and housed supreme adepts.

“So, the mysterious adept is our clan senior?”

“Correct. Uncle Xiao’s divine soul is in bad shape. He needs a lot of divine soul herbs to recover.”

Yang Ba pursed his lips and contemplated the situation. “That’s going to be difficult.”

Yang Tian still remembered how few divine soul herbs were offered at Myriad Auction Company at their last auctions. “Indeed. I’m going to go see if Myriad Auction Company has any in a bit.”

“Oh, yeah.” Yang Ba took out an interspatial ring. “These are premium-grade bloodstones Xiaobai helped me dig out. You’ll be able to exchange them for divine herbs.”

Xiaobai hooted and wagged his tail smugly.

Seeing the three human-head-sized premium-grade bloodstones inside, Yang Tian exclaimed, “Three?!”

“Haha, I haven’t even finished digging. There are plenty of places I didn’t get around to, or I’d have several times this amount.”

“Haha, it’s not as though they can grow legs and run. I’ll fetch them another time.”

Yang Tian enthusiastically fetched two interspatial rings from Ancestral Dragon Ring. One of them was the one Xiaobai snatched, and the other was the one Yang Xiao snatched. Yang Ba laughed when he saw them.

Yang Tian’s divine soul in his sea of consciousness had grown commendably strong. It finally moved after having sat cross-legged there the entire time. It performed a sequence of hand seals and blasted a seal. A divine soul in the interspatial ring split off into two. Aforementioned divine soul was Li Dong. His body was obliterated; however, Xiaobai sealed his divine soul inside his own bell, thereby keeping a trace of the latter’s divine sense.

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