Almighty – Ch. 224

Lightning Tribulation Puppet

A middle-aged individual was at the front of a bloody passageway located at the outer perimeter of Fallen Devils’ Grounds’. His golden eyes were quite the sight, life force immeasurable. Behind him were two seventeen to eighteen young men. “This is Fallen Devils’ Grounds.”

“Mm, this is the place. There are lots of coffins inside that confine devils still alive.” Dan Qu jerked his head back when he looked at the middle-aged individual.

Shangguan Hao, the young man in white next to Dan Qu beamed, spotted the bell and repeated what everyone said. Shangguan Hao improved by leaps and bounds after receiving their clan’s Inheritance.

Dan Qu: Do I have to go back and pick up an Inheritance, as well…?

Though Dan Qu wanted to live on his terms, he didn’t like those in his age bracket surpassing him.

“What a killing formation.”

The man had his unsettled gaze on the pentachromic phoenix muttered under his breath, “The energy is similar to their clan.”


Chaos Bell, the transformation of Chaos Lightning, was a lightning bell over thirty kilometres large.

The pentachromic phoenix cried and spread its wings, lopping off mountains and rearranging the landscape. Chaos Bell rang and followed suit, rearranging more landscape and restraining the phoenix. The phoenix fired its divine light at the bell, landing a heavy impact blast. The bell slit the phoenix, almost wiping it out with its mighty Chaos Light.

Yuan Xia suffered a blow from the attack. She bit down on her rosy lip and spat a mouthful of blood and essence onto a puppet in the distance.

The phoenix’s slits closed and restored its mighty aura. It clawed Chaos Bell, generating a loud streak sound and fountain of sparks. The attack generated shockwaves that formed a dark and large canyon. The phoenix managed to crack the bell with this attempt.


The phoenix brightened up the void with its colours for one last all-out explosive attack. Its energy gusted up a tornado, rattling the bell until it finally crumbled under the pressure.

A body fell down from the void at high velocity and splattered upon landing. Yuan Xia’s face was cut.

Yang Tian called out but then stopped himself when he noticed there was no blood. “Yuan Xia” transformed into refining material.

“Lightning Tribulation Puppet… I owe a big favour now…” Yang Tian grinned when he heard what the people around called it.

Lightning tribulation puppets, which no longer existed in this era, were capable of saving a life when they were in a crisis.

Yang Tian looked around; however, he didn’t call out to Yuan Xia, assuming she wouldn’t show herself if she didn’t want to.

The real Yuan Xia in her dimension was white as a sheet. She just broke through to Almighty Realm. Therefore, her cultivation hadn’t stabilised, yet was hurt. “That’s as much as I can help you. The rest is on you.”

The lightning tribulation wasn’t able to distinguish Yuan Xia used a puppet as her substitute. If she rushed over, nonetheless, she’d be attacked. As for relying on Yang Tian, well, he wasn’t capable of defending against an Almighty lightning strike.

There wasn’t much Chaos Light left in the sky.

Dozens of metres of Chaos Light rushed toward Yang Tian again. He slowly got to his feet and performed high-speed hand seals, generating a whirlpool of ancient qi with each hand seal he performed. The energy within formed a big seal. He imbued it with his qi and blood to solidify it. He had reached a point where his output with Overthrowing Heaven Seal was more powerful. Expression cold, he palmed a crimson seal the size of a mountain. The seal generated a vacuum behind it as it flew.

“Overthrowing Heaven Seal!”

The void cracked as the shockwaves emanated. The seal’s crimson glow burst with the energy, amplifying the damage on Chaos Light. The energy turbulence lasted for half a minute before it totally vanished. Alas, there was only a small crack on the bell. The light resumed its downward flight immediately.

Yang Ba occasionally punched his other hand.

Yang Tian consumed a bloodsoul pill, then woke the three-legged crow on Golden Crow Divine Furnace, planning to blast Chaos Light apart. With only one Bloodline, the powerful crow’s output was mild. Its intelligence was almost erased the last time it tried. Deploying Broken Sword did cross his mind, though he decided against it for it would drain all of his qi and blood.

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